Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Vladimir Todorovic

Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media

Assoc Prof Vladimir Todorovic

Vladimir Todorovic is a filmmaker, new media artist and educator based in Singapore. He is working as an assistant professor at the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU. His projects have won several awards and have been shown at hundreds of festivals, exhibitions, museums and galleries including: IFFR(42nd, 40th and 39th), Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Visions du Reel, L’Alternativa, YIDFF, Siggraph, ISEA(2010,2008,2006), Ars Electronica, Transmediale, The Reina Sofia Museum(Madrid), and Japan Media Art Festival.

His creative practice encompasses the following topics: class differences, migration, memories, and our relationship with the changing environment. He fuses fine arts, science, technology, and cinema by creating experimental art films, procedural animations, generative art, environmental art, rapid prototyping objects, installations, data visualization, and code art. The structure and form of his art often imply mathematical precision, and hidden, minimal and micro narratives. His work has been described as being radical and novel in sensibly and poetically depicting human condition. Bruce Sterling promoted it as futuristic cinema.

His projects were financially supported by various institutions including Asian Cinema Fund(BIFF), MDA, NRF, ICA(Singapore), Mixed Reality Lab, KulturKontakt(Vienna), and Open Society foundation(Belgrade); and have been reviewed at Cinemascope, Wired, Indiewire, Neural, Turbulence, Electrosmog, Artmagazine, Channel News Asia, Film Business Asia, Reuters, World News Network, Res Magazine and on hundreds of pages on various social networks.

He has organized workshops, symposiums and curated shows and was one of the key initiators of ISEA2008, where he served as the chair of the Ludic Interfaces theme. In January 2014, he is chairing and organizing the Environmental Visions conference in Singapore. He is a passionate educator who embraces alternative and novel teaching methods.

Vladimir is a co-founder of the artist duo Syntfarm and is actively working on several long-term projects and collaborating with producers, directors, screenplay writers, artists, programmers and academics.
Research Interests
Todorovic's areas of expertise include: experimental and documentary film, and generative art

selected creative projects:

2015. Karst, feature

2014. Fluid Boundaries, feature
directed by: Daniel Rudi Haryanto, Jeonghyun Mun, Vladimir Todorovic

Disappearing Landscape, feature film

Five Stages of the Myth, with Syntfarm
Formations, generative film, with Syntfarm

Silica-Esc, generative movie

The Snail on the Slope, generative movie,
NilDegree, computer game,
Groundpulse, mobile seismometer, with Syntfarm,
Synt-hazards, rapid prototypes – objects, public art commission, with Syntfarm,
“Gardenhost” urban intervention project - with Fabrizio Galli, Ing Ing and Yang Ying,

Syntboutique, installation, with Syntfarm,
Ad-Hoc, performance, with Syntfarm,

KA, performance, with Syntfarm and BTC, performance with Syntfarm,
Prague Soil, with Syntfarm,
Metazoa Ludens - augmented reality games for pets, with Mixed Reality Lab Singapore,

Transcoded Nature – mixed reality game, with Raster,
Cycloglyphs - GPS based media exploration of Belgrade, with Raster,
Current Projects
  • Open Source Systems for Generative 3D Motion Graphics
  • The Impact of Visual Effects and Special Effects on the Art of Contemporary Narrative Filmmaking
  • Warpy Boy
Selected Publications
  • R.K.C Tan, A.D. Cheok, R. Peiris, V. Todorovic, H.C. Loi, C.W. Loh, D.T.K. Nguyen, J.Y.P. Sen, E.Z. Yio, T.B.S. Derek. (2008). Metazoa Ludens: Mixed Reality Interactions and Play for Small Pets and Humans. Leonardo & Leonardo Music Journal, 41(3), 308-309.
  • R.K.C.Tan, V. Todorovic, A.D. Cheok, J.K.S. Teh, S.P. Lee and G. Andrejin. (2006). Metazoa Ludens Playing games with pets. ACM Siggraph 06 Sketches.
  • R.K.C.Tan, V. Todorovic, A.D. Cheok, J.K.S. Teh, S.P. Lee and G. Andrejin. (2006). Metazoa Ludens. ACM SIGCHI - ACE06 (pp. 22).
  • R.K.C.Tan, V. Todorovic, A.D. Cheok, G. Andrejin, J.K.S. Teh and S.P. Lee. (2006). Metazoa Ludens: Mixed Reality environment for playing computer games with pets. Journal of Computational Information System, 2(6), 861-865.
  • R.K.C.Tan, J.K.S. Teh, A.D. Cheok V. Todorovic and A. Goran. (2006). Metazoa Ludens. Advances in Artificial Reality and Tele-Existence. 16th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence, ICAT 2006.

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