Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Loh Teck Peng

Distinguished University Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Chemistry & Biological Chemistry
Professor, Nanyang Technological University

Prof Loh Teck Peng

Loh Teck Peng joined Nanyang Technological University as Professor since February 2005. He was the Head of Division of Chemistry & Biological Chemistry till June 2008 where he was promoted to the Associate Chair (Research). During his 11 years, from 1994 to 2005, at National University of Singapore, he had risen from the ranks of a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, and Associate Professor to a Professor in 2004. He was also the Program leader of the Medicinal Chemistry program in NUS.

Besides being engaged in teaching, research and participation in international conferences, his professional appointments include the Advisory Board Member of upcoming ISCFC-07 held in NTU 2007, Advisory Board Member of Chemistry Communications coordinator of “Asia Core Program”, Honorary Secretary of Singapore National Institute of Chemistry, Chairman of the Singapore International Chemistry Conference (SICC-4), External Advisory Board Member of Singapore Polytechnic, External Examiner of Singapore Polytechnic (Diploma of Chemical Process Technology) since 2007, Co-Chairman of the ISCIC-6 & ISCOC-9 2006 and sits in the Technical Committee on National Drinking Water Quality Standards. He is also a member of the SCBE Promotion and Tenure Committee.
Research Interests
Teck Peng's research interests encompass a very wide array in organic synthesis. Research activities include green chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, the development of new synthetic methodology, and total synthesis of architecturally complex organic molecules with interesting biological activities. He also discovered many new concepts and methods for organic synthesis and completed the total synthesis of many complex molecules.

To date, he has published 153 papers in international refereed journals, 106 conference papers, 5 book chapters, Hirsch-index of 38 and a total number of 3891 citations.

He has been the Principal Investigator of several research grants, with total exceeding S$5 million, awarded by A*Star and Ministry of Education. Being the program leader of Medicinal Chemistry at National University of Singapore, he spearheaded a number of main programs and they were completed successfully.

He has been a frequent plenary speaker or invited speaker at many international conferences. Recently, he is invited to the Editorial Advisory Board of ChemComm to shape one of the world?s top chemistry journals. He has also been frequently invited to write book chapters, review articles, etc.

Teck Peng was awarded the prestigious Japanese Government (Mombusho) scholarship, which was only given to 5 students in Malaysia every year, from 1982 to 1989. In 1997, National University of Singapore bestowed him the University Outstanding Researcher Award. He has been the Adjunct Professor of Soo Chow University (China) and Tsukuba University (Japan) since 2002 and 2005 respectively. He was also the Visiting Professor of Columbia Medical School, Columbia University (USA) from 2002 to 2003. Recently, he was awarded by NTU for NTU Research Innovation Award.
Current Projects
  • Alkenyl sp2 C-H Bond Functionalization: A General and Atom-Economic Approach for the Construction of Olefinic Compounds
  • Alkenyl sp2 C-H bond Functionalization: An Efficient Route to Synthesis Substituted Alkenes
  • Allenamide: Platform Technology for Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC) 2.0
  • Asymmetric Homogeneous Catalysis: New Catalytic Enantioselective Methods for the Synthesis of Ultrapure Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemical
  • BMRC SARS-Related Research Grant Application - In search of new and potential anti-SARS drugs: the chemical approach
  • Bioinspired Organic Transformations
  • Biomass and Waste Conversion to Biofuels and High Value Materials
  • Chiral Compounds Using Novel Chiral Media and Chiral Catalysts
  • De Novo Approaches for Glycobiology-driven Oligosaccharide Synthesis
  • Design and Synthesis of New Antibody-Sirna Conjugates
  • Displacing Halogen Atoms of Halogenated Alkanes with Atmospheric Oxygen in Water: Controlled Decontamination of Aqueous Industrial Waste
  • Distinguished University Professor@NTU
  • Green Chemical Processes and their Application to the Synthesis of Natural Products as well as Functionalization of Biomolecules
  • Green Chemistry I: Ionic Liquids for Energy, Sustainable and Biomedical Research
  • New Catalytic Systems for Unreactive C-H Bonds Functionalization
  • New Catalytic Systems for the Construction of Carbon-Nitrogen Bond
  • New Opportunities for Silyboranes in Organic Synthesis
  • New Strategies for the Construction of 2, 6-anti Pyrans: Total Synthesis of Biologically Active natural Products
  • New Strategies for the Stereo Control of Polyene Cyclization: Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Bioactive Natural Products
  • New Strategies to Construct Polycyclic Compounds
  • Protein Modification In Vitro and In Vivo Using New Metal-Free Water-Based Methods
Selected Publications
  • Maraswami, M.; Loh, T. -P. (2019). Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Alkenyl sp2 C–H Activation: A Short Account. Synthesis, 51(05), 1049-1062.
  • Yang XF, Hu XH, Loh TP. (2015). Expedient Synthesis of Pyrroloquinolinones by Rh-Catalyzed Annulation of N-Carbamoyl Indolines with Alkynes through a Directed C–H Functionalization/C–N Cleavage Sequence. Organic Letters, 17(6), 1481-1484.
  • Hu XH, Zhang J, Yang XF, Xu YH, Loh TP. (2015). Stereo- and Chemoselective Cross-Coupling between Two Electron- Deficient Acrylates: An Efficient Route to (Z,E)‑Muconate Derivatives. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137(9), 3169-3172.
  • Yang XF, Hu XH, Feng C, Loh TP. (2014). Rhodium(III)-catalyzed C7-position C–H alkenylation and alkynylation of indolines. Chemical Communications, 51, 2532-2535.
  • Zhou H, Chung WJ, Xu YH, Loh TP. (2009). Direct arylation of cyclic enamides via Pd(II). Chemical Communications, (23), 3472-3474.

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