Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Cai Yiyu

Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Deputy Director, Centre for Augmented and Virtual Reality, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

Assoc Prof Cai Yiyu

He did his Ph D training in Engineering, MSc training in Computer Graphics & Computer-aided Geometry Design, and BSc training in Math. He is currently a tenured faculty with the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering in NTU and holds a joint appointment with NTU's Institute for Media Innovation. Prior to that, he was a R&D specialist with the Kent Ridge Digital Labs, a senior software engineer with the Center for Information-enahnced Medicine (CIeMed) - a joint venture between John Hopkins Medical School and the Institute of System Sciences, and a lecturer with Zhejiang University.

He has been doing interdisciplinary research related to Interactive Digital Media (IDM). His research interest includes 3D based design, simulation, serious games, virtual reality, etc. He is also active in IDM application research for Engineering, Bio & Medical Sciences, Education, Arts, etc. His research has been supported by various public funding agencies and priviate companies such as National Science and Technology Board, Ministry of Education, Agency of Science, Technology and Research, Ministry of Information, Communication, and The Arts.

Together with his students or collaborators, he has edited 3 books and 4 journal special issues, and published over 160 papers in peer-reviewed international journals or international conferences. He has also invented or co-invented 6 patents (granted or pending approval). Part of his research was or is being exhibited in Singapore Art Museum, Singapore Science Center, Chinese National Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, etc. He has served as external examiners for a few funding agencies locally or overseas. He is also external examiners of Ph D/MEng dissertations for 4 universities. He was keynote speakers or invited speakers for numerous conferences, symposia and workshops. He is associate editor with the Journal Simulation and Gaming, and sits in editor boards of 2 international journals. He was co-president of the International Simulation and Gaming Association.
Research Interests
His interest in Interactive & Digital Media (IDM) mainly includes Tactile/Haptic VR System Design, GPU-accelerated Digital Media Processing, Serious Games and Simulation, and Computer-aided Design.

He has been doing research in the intersection of IDM, and Bio & Medical Sciences covering from Computer-assisted Surgery to Volumetric Cellular Image Processing to Phase I/II Drug Clinical Trial Design to Protein Docking. In MedTech field, he pioneered the research and development on Cardiovascular and Intracardiac Interventional Simulation for pre-treatment planning and training application.

He is also active in industry-oriented research working closely with Engineering and Education sectors.
Current Projects
  • 3D Interactive Visualization of the Human Body In An Immersive Situation
  • ACRES: An Autism Cognitive Rehabilitation Programme for Executive Functioning Skills
  • AI Enhanced Creativity in Education
  • Advanced Analysis, Construction and Algorithms for T-splines
  • BeingTogether
  • Intelligent and Interactive Simulation for Industrial Heavy Lifting (Phase 2)
  • Intelligent and Interactive Simulation for Industrial Heavy Lifting - Phase 2
  • Intelligent and Interactive Simulation for Industrial Heavy Lifting- Phase 1
  • Intelligent and interactive simulation for industrial heavylifting
  • Intelligent and interactive simulation for industrial heavylifting - Phase 2
  • Isogeometric Design and Simulation Using T-NURCC
  • Leveraging Immersive Technologies for Flipped Learning: Impact on Engineering Students' Situational Interest and Self-Efficacy
  • Model-based and Virtual-Reality-enabled Learning and Teaching of Biomolecules
  • Proof-Of-Concept, Proof-Of-Value and Test-Bedding in Smart Integrated Construction System
  • SCBE AR/VR Development
  • SCBE AR/VR Development Phase II
  • Tagged Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Intra-cardiac Intervention
  • Virtual Pink Dolphin-Assisted Therapy for Children with Autism
  • Visualising protein dynamic simulation and prediction
Selected Publications
  • Y Cai, N Chia, D Thalmann, N Kee, J Zheng, & N Thalmann. (2013). Design and Development of A Virtual Dolphinarium for Children with Autism. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, .
  • Patricia Chiang, YY Cai, KH Mak, JM Zheng. (2012). A B-Spline Approach to Phase Unwrapping in Tagged Cardiac MRI for Motion Tracking. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, .
  • Patricia Chiang, JM Zheng, KH Mak, Y Yu, CK Chui and YY Cai. (2012). A VR Simulator for Intra-Cardiac Interventional Procedure: Concept, Design and Implementation. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, .
  • YY Cai. (2011). Interactive & Digital Media for Education in Virtual Learning Environments. Nova Sciences Publishers.
  • WY Chen, JM Zheng and YY Cai. (2010). Kernel Modeling of Protein Surfaces using a Uniform Solution. Computer-Aided Design, 42(4), 267-278.

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