Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Khoo Li Pheng

Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Prof Khoo Li Pheng

Dr Khoo graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1978 and earned his MSc in Industrial Engineering from the National University of Singapore and his PhD from the Cardiff University, University of Wales. After working in the industry for several years, he joined NTU in 1984 and was attached to IBM (New York) on a study mission on manufacturing technology. In connection with the establishment of the then Grumman International NTU CAD/CAM Centre (GINTIC – renamed as SIMTech in 2002), he was sent on attachment to Grumman International in 1986. As a faculty member of the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), he teaches undergraduate and graduate school courses on artificial intelligence, concurrent design and engineering, design for manufacture and assembly, quality assurance, and design for quality and reliability, in which areas he has been consulted by local industry. He was one of the recipients of the LITERATI award in 2000. He was appointed Head, Division of Manufacturing Engineering in 2001-2003, and Head, Division of Mechatronics and Design in 2003-2006, School of MAE. Dr Khoo is currently an Associate Dean, College of Engineering, NTU.
Research Interests
Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Decision Science, Collaborative Design, Systems Design and Diagnosis.
Current Projects
  • Development of a decision support system for detecting maritime security threat
  • Human Factors And Ambient Intelligence Technologies ForEnhancing Ambient Assisted Living
  • Human Factors In Vessel Traffic Management: Causal Factors And Preventive Interventions
  • Human Factors, Ambient Intelligence and Ambient Assisted Living for Aging Population in Asia
Selected Publications
  • L Y Zhai, Khoo L.P., Fok S.C. (2002). Feature Extraction Using Rough Set and Genetic Algorithms - An Application for the Simplification of Product Qality Evaluation. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 43(4).
  • Khoo L.P., Tor S.B., zhai l y. (1999). A Rough-Set Based Approach for Classification and Rule Induction. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 1(1).
  • Khoo L.P., ang cheng leong, robert gay. (1999). IDEF*- A Comprehensive Modelling Methodology for Manufacturing Systems Development. International Journal of Production Research, 1(1).
  • Khoo L.P., Ho Nai Choon. (1996). Framework of a Fuzzy Quality Deployment Function System. International Journal of Production Research, 34(2), 299-311.

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