Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Lam Kwok Yan

Director, Nanyang Technopreneurship Center
Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering

Prof Lam Kwok Yan

Professor Lam Kwok Yan is a renowned Cyber Security researcher and practitioner. Professor Lam has collaborated extensively with law-enforcement agencies, government regulators, telecommunication operators and financial institutions in various aspects of Infocomm and Cyber Security in the region. He is the Lead P.I. of the SPIRIT Programme, an S$11,000,000 programme on smart nation research funded by NRF. Prior to joining NTU, he has been a Professor of the Tsinghua University, PR China (2002-2010) and a faculty member of the National University of Singapore and the University of London since 1990. He was a visiting scientist at the Isaac Newton Institute of the Cambridge University and a visiting professor at the European Institute for Systems Security. In 1997, he founded PrivyLink International Ltd, a spin-off company of the National University of Singapore, specializing in e-security technologies for homeland security and financial systems. In 2012, he co-founded Soda Pte Ltd with a HK-based medical clinics operator. Soda (or Safe of Data App), the Winner of the Most Innovative Start Up Award at the RSA 2015 Conference, is a technology start-up which specialises in data security protection of mobile cloud users. In 1998, he received the Singapore Foundation Award from the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in recognition of his R&D achievement in Information Security in Singapore. He received his B.Sc. (First Class Honours) from the University of London in 1987 and his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 1990.
Research Interests
Distributed Systems Security,
Cyber Security,
Multi-modal Biometrics in Homeland Security,
Enterprise Architecture,
Biometric Cryptography,
Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP).
Current Projects
  • Cybersecurity Protocol and Mechanism for e-Logistics of Dangerous Goods Tracking Using Block Chain
  • ExPReSS: Extensible Platform for Retrieval and Summarization Support
  • Revealing the ASEAN Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
  • Smart Nation loT Security Reference Architecture study
  • Smart Platform Infrastructure Research On Integrative Technology (SPIRIT) : A Platform For Translational R&D For A Smart Nation
  • Smart Platform Infrastructure Research on Integrative Technology (SPIRIT): A Platform for Translational R&D for a Smart Nation
  • Smart Urban Planning Assistant System
  • Strategic Centre for Research in Privacy-Preserving Technologies & Systems (SCRIPTS)
  • To Research & Develop Assessment Tool and System – OpsTrace
Selected Publications
  • Srinivasu Bodapati, Vikramkumar pudi, Anupam chattopadhyay, Kwok Yan Lam. (2018). Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems (APCCAS): CoLPUF: A Novel Configurable LFSR-based PUF. 2018 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems (APCCAS) (pp. 358-361)China: IEEE.
  • Feng Li, Kwok-Yan Lam, Xiuhua Li, Xin Liu, Li Wang, Victor C. M. Leung. (2018). Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks with Heterogeneous Users: How to Price the Spectrum?. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology , 67(6), 5203-5316.
  • Pudi Vikramkumar, Anupam Chattopadhyay, Lam Kwok Yan. (2018). Efficient and Lightweight Quantized Compressive Sensing using u-Law. The International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 2018.
  • S. Badsha, X. Yi, I. Khalil, D. Liu, S. Nepal, E. Bertino and K.Y. Lam. (2018). Privacy Preserving Location-Aware Personalized Web Service Recommendations. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing , .
  • F. Li, K.Y. Lam, N. Zhao, X. Liu, K. Zhao, and L. Wang. (2018). Spectrum Trading for Satellite Communication Systems with Dynamic Bargaining. IEEE Transactions on Communications, .

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