Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Dr Tan Geok Choo

Lecturer, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Mathematical Sciences

Dr Tan Geok Choo

Dr Tan Geok Choo joined NTU as a lecturer since December 2006.

Before joining NTU, she was a lecturer, an assistant Professor and a senior lecturer in the Department of Matheamtics in National University of Singapore.
Research Interests
Past Interests: Category Theory (Reflective Subcategory), P-localization of Groups; Henstock Integration.

Present Interests: Applying mathematics to other disciplines.
Selected Publications
  • T. S. Chew, W. K. Wong and G. C. Tan. (1998). On absolutely Henstock integrable functions. Real Analysis Exchange, 23, 799-804.
  • G. C. Tan. (1997). P-nilpotent completion is not idempotent. Publicacions Matematiques, 41, 481-487.
  • A. J. Berrick and G. C. Tan. (1996). The minimal extension of P-localization on groups. Cambridge Philosophical Society. Mathematical Proceedings, 119, 243-255.
  • C. A. Casacuberta, A. Frei and G. C. Tan. (1995). Extending localization functors. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 103, 149-165.

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