Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Ong Yew Soon

Director, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Research Centre
Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist
Co-Director, Singtel Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence Lab for Enterprises @ NTU
Programme Director, Singtel Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence Lab for Enterprises @ NTU

Prof Ong Yew Soon

Dr Ong Yew Soon is Professor and Chair of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is founding Director of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center and Principal Investigator of the Nanyang Technological University-Rolls Royce Corporate Laboratory on Data Analytics & Complex Systems. He is named as a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher in both 2015 and 2016, and cited amongst the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds. He received the 2015 IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine Outstanding Paper Award and the 2012 IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation Outstanding Paper Award for his work in Memetic Computation.

He has coauthored over 200 refereed publications comprising of 100 refereed journals, 120 refereed conference papers and 8 book chapters, excluding 7 edited books, 3 edited special issues and 10 technology disclosures/patents filed. His research grants in the last five years amounts to a total of more than 15 million USD. These comprises of external research funding from both national and international partners that includes the National Research Foundation, National Grid Office, A*STAR, Singapore Technologies Dynamics, Boeing Research & Development (USA), Rolls-Royce and Honda Research Institute Europe (Germany), MDA-GAMBIT. His research works have received Citation counts (H-Index) greater than 9000 (44) on Google Scholar, 4000 (30) on Scopus and 3500 (28) on Web of Sciences, databases. Several of his research technologies in memetic computation have also been commercialized and licensed to companies and institutions worldwide. His FAME technology led to the internationally renowned IOS 'Dark-Dots Game' that beat popular apps and games including Facebook, What's App, Angry Birds and Bejeweled! It was the top action game in 48 countries including USA, China and Singapore in 2011; downloaded by well over 448,000 players worldwide when it was first launched. “Large-Scale Engineering Simulation for Complex Adaptive Systems (LesCaS)” is a decision support system designed for large scale modelling, simulation and optimization of complex systems which was licensed to the Agency for Science, Technology and Research Institute. LesCaS also led to startup companies ‘Meme Analytics’ and “NeuroTen”. At the National Research Foundation of Singapore, he serves as a Scientific Advisor of the Singapore Digital Economy Initiative and as Management committee member of AI Singapore.
Research Interests
His research interest lies in Computational Intelligence that spans across Evolutionary & Memetic computation, Complex Optimization, Optimization-informatics & Machine learning.
Current Projects
  • 1) Innovation Design Via Evolutionary Algorithms 2 (Idea-2) 2)Data Fusion & Information Extraction From Large-Scale Heterogeneous Data
  • ADL+: A Digital Toolkit for Cognitive Assessment and Intervention
  • Accelerating the Design of Alloy Materials via Genetic Algorithm based First-Principles Simulations
  • Agent-augmented co-space: Growing cognitive autonomous agents for context-aware personalized experience in co-space
  • Computational Engineering Programme: Large-scale data analytics
  • Constrained Flocking Animation & Modeling Research
  • Cyber-Physical Production System (CPPS) - Towards Contextual and Intelligent Response
  • Disaster Evacuation Planning Using Memetic Computing, Singapore Technologies Dynamics
  • Efficient Model-Based Approaches for Large-Scale and Constrained Multi-Objective Design Optimization
  • Featuren Extraction and Image Classification Techniques-Survey and Evaluation
  • Improved Design via Evoltionary Algorithms
  • Jump-Start The Corporate with NCS
  • Knowledge Discovery from Mobile Communication Networks and Its Applications
  • Large Scale Hybrid Storage System
  • Master Facilitative Control Tower For Risk Management of Complex Supply Chains
  • Memetic Computation for Human-Like Problem-Solving
  • Memetic Computing for Autonomous Vehicle Operations
  • Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning With Swarm Intelligence In Digital Media
  • Multi-Platform Game Innovation Centre (Magic)
  • Mutli-objective Vehicle Routing for Last Mile Logistics
  • Nanyang Education
  • Nanyang Education Award
  • Novel Hierarchical Transactive Energy Management System Incorporating Predictive Assessment Techniques for Enhanced Community Market Participation
  • President’s Chair in Computer Science (Ong Yew Soon)
  • SCALE@NTU Research Theme 1 (Singtel) : Anticipatory Analytics and Services
  • SIMTech-NTU Joint Laboratory and Collaborative Research Programme on " Complex Systems in Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain Networks
  • Singtel-NTU Cognitive & Artifical Intelligence Joint Lab
  • Smart Platform Infrastructure Research on Integrative Technology (SPIRIT): A Platform for Translational R&D for a Smart Nation
  • Structual Analysis and Characterisation of Protein Complexes
  • Super AI Sensing Digital Games and Gamified Apps for Education
  • Targeting High Productivity Workforces via Data-Centric Transfer Optimization in the Internet Era
  • Toward better future: Merging the lines between Fashion, Materials Science, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Towards Automatic template Extraction with Minimal Human Supervision
  • Towards Effective Trust Management with Desired Properties for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks to Improve Road Safety and Reduce Congestion
Selected Publications
  • Q. C. Nguyen, Y. S. Ong, M. H. Lim. (2009). A Probabilistic Memetic Framework. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 13(3), 604-623.

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