Research Categories

Business and Management

This category covers:

  1. Actuarial Science and Insurance
  2. Banking & Finance
    • Financial Intermediation
    • Corporate Finance
    • Investment
    • International Finance
  3. Business Law
  4. Company Law and Corporate Governance
  5. Cultural Intelligence
    • Strategy
    • Organisational Behaviour
    • Human Resource Management
    • Cross Cultural Management
    • Business Communications
  6. Economics
    • International Economics
    • Chinese Economy
    • Economics of South East Asia
    • Macroeconomics
    • Labour Economics
    • Development Economics
    • Environmental Economics
    • Behavioural Economics
    • Internet Economics
    • Macroeconometric Modeling
    • Nonlinear Economics
    • Game Theory
  7. Information Technology & Operations Management
    • Strategic Enterprise IT Management
    • Project Management and Project Implementation
    • Supply Chain Management
    • E-Government
    • Electronic Commerce
    • Management of the Outsourcing of IT and IT Personnel
    • Virtual Communities and Knowledge Management
    • Information Technology on Construction Management
    • Risks and Project Financing
    • Information Needs and Seeking Behavior
    • Information Literacy
    • Information and Knowledge Sharing
    • Performance Measurement
    • IT-enabled Organizational Change
  1. Marketing and International Business
  2. Risks and Project Financing
  3. Strategic Public Relations Management
  4. Strategy, Management & Organization
    • Modelling Knowledge Flows in Distributed
    • Organizations
    • Knowledge Management
    • Communities of Practice
    • Knowledge Management Strategy
    • Information Management
    • Collection Development and Management
    • Knowledge Management and Mobilization
    • Environment Scanning
    • Knowledge Sharing
    • Social Network Analysis
    • Crisis Communication
    • Image Repair
    • Public Relations
    • Strategic Conflict Management
    • Strategic Public Relations Management
    • Identity
    • Identification and Reputation
    • Distributed Work Environment
    • Knowledge Systems Evaluation
  5. Technology Law
  6. Tourism and Hospitality Management

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NameResearch Interests
Mr Abhishek SheetalUsing Machine Learning to understand the world around us.
Asst Prof Alper DarendeliVoluntary Disclosure Information Dissemination Role of Information Environment in Capital Markets Geographic Location and Firm Performance
Assoc Prof Alton Chua Yeow KuanDr Chua’s research interests lie mainly in information and knowledge management, with a particular focus on user-generated content. The themes of his research include community question-answering system, online reviews and rumors in social media. For example, he studied the quality of answers submitted to Yahoo!Answers and whether prompt answers were necessarily of good quality. He also investigated the way questions ought to be phrased to maximize their chances of attracting good answers. On online reviews, he has identified a number of factors that make a given reivew helpful to other users. Another related line of inquiry is the distinctions between authentic reviews and fake reviews. Given the prevalence of online rumors in recent times, Dr Chua's efforts have been trained on understanding the virality of rumors, and how the ill effects of rumors can be curbed through the use of counter-rumors.
Asst Prof Andrew PrahlOrganizational Communication, Human-Automation Trust, Interpersonal Advice, Automated Advice, Automation Ethics
Assoc Prof Ang Beng Wee, StevenPresent research and writing involvements: is in the intersection between ethics and intellectual property; and, co-writing a text on the employment law of Singapore.
Prof Ang SoonCultural Intelligence International Business International Organizational Behavior Outsourcing Talent Management Human Resource Consulting
Assoc Prof Angie Low An CheeCorporate Governance, Managerial Compensation, Corporate Culture, Capital Structure
Assoc Prof Appa Iyer SivakumarAdvanced Manufacturing Systems Engineering; Design, Planning, & Scheduling of Manufacturing systems; Supply Chain and Logistics Analysis; Operations Research; Planning & design of Supply Chain; Multi-Objective Optimization, Discrete Event Simulation, Scheduling, Logistics, and Research Methodology
Dr Arvind SainathanInterfaces of Operations Management/Marketing Pricing and Consumer Behaviour Service Operations and Supply Chain Management
Dr Boey Yew TungSocial media usage and adoption including implications for consumers, organizations and society Sports marketing