Research Categories

Machines & Systems

This category covers:

  • Computational Engineering & Multiscale Modelling
  • Control Systems
  • Data & Text Mining
  • Embedded Systems
  • Human Factors & Ergonomics
  • Infrastructure Systems and Maritime Studies
  • Intelligent Design & Machines
  • Intelligent Systems & Machines
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Mechanics of Micro-systems
  • Multiscale Process Systems Engineering
  • Robotics

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NameResearch Interests
Assoc Prof Alessandro RomagnoliAlessandro's research interests are: - Waste heat recovery (Thermo-electric generation, Boosting technology and turbocharging, Organic ranking cycles) - Battery thermal management - Thermal energy storage - Propulsion for UAVs
Assoc Prof Ali Iftekhar MaswoodDesign and Evaluation of a New Converter Control Strategy for Near Shore Tidal Turbines Five-Level Multiple-Pole PWM AC-AC Converters with Reduced Components Count Novel Converter topology for hybrid Wind & Solar Energy Maximum Power Tracking Control Strategies using Fuzzy logic and Particle Swram Optimization Novel DC-DC buck-boost Converter for solar/Fuel Cell optimal power txtraction
Asst Prof Andrew PrahlOrganizational Communication, Human-Automation Trust, Interpersonal Advice, Automated Advice, Automation Ethics
Mr Ang Hock EngFracture Mechanics Analysis of Engineering Components using Boundary Element Methods. Instrumentation & Control of Fluid Power Systems.
Assoc Prof Ang Wei Tech- BioRobotics / Bio-Mechatronics - Rehabilitation Engineering - Assistive Technology - Robotic Microsurgery - Robotic Cell Micromanipulation
Asst Prof Bernhard Johannes SchmittBernhard's research interests are in the areas of stop-motion animation, experimental animation and interdisciplinary research in art and technology with an emphasis on social robots.
Assoc Prof Cai WenjianProf Cai's areas of expertise are system modelling, control and optimization, multivariable system identification and control, sensor and instrumentation, mechanical system simulation and design, and intelligent systems. His current research works focus on industry applications in building HVAC processes, renewable energy processes and environmental processes.
Prof Chen I-Ming1) Mechatronics system design: cable-driven systems, biomorphic robots, entertainment robots; 2) Wearable sensors and haptic devices; 3) Body sensor network, wireless sensor network and sensor grid; 4) Reconfigurable automation; 5) Parallel kinematics machines (PKM); 6) Micro- and nano-manipulation systems; 7) Spherical actuators and smart material based actuators; 8) Robotic locomotion.
Asst Prof Cheong Foong SoonCorporate governance, Analyst forecast, Management guidance, Investor responses.
Assoc Prof Dino AccotoDesign, development and testing of biomedical robots and biomechatronic systems for: - human augmentation; - biological and biomedical investigations; - physical assistance; - rehabilitation.