Research Categories

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

This category covers:

  • Audio and Speech Processing
  • Biomedical Electronics
  • Circuits & Systems
  • Communication Engineering
  • Computer Vision
  • Computers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Information Engineering
  • Information Forensics and Security
  • Information Theory
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Intelligent Systems and Control Engineering
  • Knowledge and Data Engineering
  • Low Power IC Design
  • Medical Imaging
  • Microelectronics
  • Mobile Computing
  • Multimedia
  • Neural Networks
  • Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Engineering
  • Power Markets
  • Power Quality
  • RFIC
  • Signal Processing
  • VLSI

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NameResearch Interests
Asst Prof (Steve) Cuong Dang- OptoElectronic Devices - Nano-Photonics - LEDs, Lasers, Quantum Emitters - Nano-Materials
Assoc Prof A S MadhukumarModulation and multiple access schemes for future broadband systems Advanced signal processing algorithms for wireless communication systems Cognitive radio systems: algorithms and architectures Cooperative Radio Systems for Mobile multi-hop networks Ultra wideband radio systems for wireless personal area networks
Asst Prof Abdulkadir C. Yucel(i) Fast frequency and time domain electromagnetic simulators with applications to the VLSI/microwave/terahertz circuits, biomedical, photonics, wireless channel characterization, and analysis of highly inhomogeneous media. (ii) Applications of machine learning, deep learning, and uncertainty quantification techniques to the electromagnetics and radar
Assoc Prof Ali Iftekhar MaswoodDesign and Evaluation of a New Converter Control Strategy for Near Shore Tidal Turbines Five-Level Multiple-Pole PWM AC-AC Converters with Reduced Components Count Novel Converter topology for hybrid Wind & Solar Energy Maximum Power Tracking Control Strategies using Fuzzy logic and Particle Swram Optimization Novel DC-DC buck-boost Converter for solar/Fuel Cell optimal power txtraction
Asst Prof Amer Mohammad Yusuf Mohammad Ghias1- High Power Density Wide-Band-Gap Converters 2- Multilevel Converters - Fault-Tolerant Converters - Advanced Modulation Techniques 3- Novel Converters Topologies 4- Flexible AC Transmissions and High voltage DC Current 5- Micro-grid - Hybrid Energy Storage - Advanced Control Methods Opening Positions: 1- Research Fellow 2- Research Associate 3- Ph.D. Position 4- MEng Position
Assoc Prof Anamitra MakurCompressed Sensing, Filterbanks and Multirate Signal Processing, Signal/Image/Video Compression and Processing
Assoc Prof Andy Khong Wai HoongMicrophone array signal processing Speech enhancement Learning analytics Machine learning algorithms for NLP applications
Assoc Prof Ang Diing Shenp1. Reliability physics and characterization of nanoscale transistors (negative-bias temperature instability, hot-carrier effects, gate oxide breakdown, low frequency/RF noise, metal gate/high-kappa gate stack, non-volatile memories, silicon-on-insulator transistors, nanowire devices etc.) 2. Nano-characterization techniques (conductive atomic force microscopy, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and associated anaytical techniques for alternative gate dielectrics, nanowire devices etc.) 3. Characterization of novel devices (e.g. tunneling FETs, novel memories etc.)
Assoc Prof Ang Wei Tech- BioRobotics / Bio-Mechatronics - Rehabilitation Engineering - Assistive Technology - Robotic Microsurgery - Robotic Cell Micromanipulation
Assoc Prof Anupam ChattopadhyayComputing Architecture Design Automation Security Emerging Technologies