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Assoc Prof Andrea NanettiDr Andrea Nanetti—as a scholar, who started his research vocation in historical studies at the advent of computer operating systems with graphical user interfaces—has always been fascinated by the exponential growth of interdependencies between artificial actions (i.e., human made) and computational operations (i.e., completed by electronic devices able to store and process data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to them in a variable program or machine learning, which allows algorithms to learn through experience, and do things that we are not able to program). With this interest, he is proposing the theoretical need to direct traditional disciplinary knowledge toward a formal science of heritage (i.e., the treasure of human experiences), which will focus on how data and information—now encoded in complex interactions of written, pictorial, sculptural, architectural, and digital records, oral memories, practices, and performed rituals—may be inherited by machine learning algorithms. This state-of-the-art science pioneers integrated action plans and solutions in response to, and in anticipation of, the exponential growth of emerging needs in our increasingly complex human society. In practice, the research uses multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary methods to identify case studies for interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary teamwork investigations. Since 2007, Dr Nanetti's main research project is EHM-Engineering Historical Memory (, since 2015 on Microsoft Azure). EHM is both an experimental methodology and an ongoing research project for the organization of historical information in the machine learning age. He first theorized it as a Visiting Scholar at Princeton University in 2007. Since his arrival at NTU in 2013, Dr Nanetti has been working on the globalisation of his research interests. Starting from his background studies on the world as seen from Venice through its chronicles and diaries (1205-1433) and world maps (e.g. Fra Mauro), he opened the range of the investigation of other coeval historiographical traditions, in Chinese, Greek, Russian, Persian, and Arab. EHM develops and tests new sets of shared conceptualizations and formal specifications for content management systems in the domain of the Digital Humanities, with a focus on how to engineer the treasure of human experiences and serve decision making, knowledge transmission, and visionarios. In practice, his research develops and applies computationally intensive techniques (e.g., pattern recognition, data mining, machine learning algorithms derived from other disciplines, knowledge aggregators, interactive and visualization solutions). From a theory point of view, EHM focuses on history of historiography and studies new ontologies for the semantic web, inspired by Derrida's notion of trace, Ginzburg's "thread and traces" theory, and last but not least Umberto Eco's semiotics (e.g., 2007 'Dall'Albero al Labirinto', published in English in 2015 as 'From the Tree to the Labyrinth'). In his long-term strategic fit at the NTU Singapore School of Art, Design and Media, Dr Nanetti is designing and engineering a new generation of knowledge aggregators for immersive spaces to test how interactive media and AI can share the century-old experiences of Arts and Humanities with Sciences. In this intellectual framework in 2017 Dr Nanetti initiated an interdisciplinary project to revitalise the social nature of learning experiences from a transcultural perspective. The project is called “Dancing over Ideas of Research”. D.A.N.C.I.N.G. identifies the knowledge aggregation process (Definition, Assumption, Notion, Concept, Interpretation, Narrative, Gamut), which uses AI in immersive spaces to augment and expand the human capacity to discuss complex ideas (i.e., ways of seeing and representing reality) and ultimately facilitate solutions to the 21st century grand challenges.
Mr Benjamin Alexander SlaterSingapore Cinema Screenwriting Craft and Practice Fiction, Narratives & Storytelling Interactive & Experiential Narratives Urban Space, Psychogeography Film Histories & Criticism Creative Writing
Prof Chan Kam Leung AlanChinese Philosophy and Religion; Hermeneutics and Critical Theory; Comparative Philosophy and Religion
Asst Prof Chang YuanIntellectual history, social thought, political philosophy.
Prof Chen Shen- Art and Culture of Early China - Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies - Archaeology and Anthropology in general - Material Cultures and Technology in Ancient China
Asst Prof Christopher Peter TriggThe American Puritans The Radical Enlightenment Transcendentalism Political Theology Religion in American Literature
Dr Cui FengTranslation Studies, Comparative Literature
Assoc Prof Danne Ojeda HernandezHer current research is devoted to the disciplinary redefinitions of Graphic Design and its implications in contemporary visual culture. It analyses antithetical aspects within the evolution of graphic design, like its communicative and allegoric nature, autonomy and social commitment, and expressivity and new media standards. The theoretical basis of this research includes binary concepts like natural/artificial, original/copy, public/private, and physical/virtual. The research is methodologically structured upon close readings of a variety of visual objects from the perspective of graphic design. These objects are discusses in connection with different sorts of conceptual platforms, like manifestos, (un)realized projects, curatorial proposals and critical reviews among others sources within today's dominant orientations in graphic design. Moreover, her areas of interest can be summarized as follow: Issues in Visual Communication/Contemporary Design, Design Theory, Art/Design and Pedagogy, Design and Science and Art and Design relations. Her areas of specializations regarding professional practice are mainly editorial and exhibition design. At NTU, Prof. Ojeda is engaged (or has been engaged) with the following projects: TIER1 [2018] by Ministry of Education (MOE) › One and Three Books. An on going pedagogical and research project. TIER1 [2013] by Ministry of Education (MOE) › D-SIGN-LAB. Research Experiments on Art, Design and Science with a focus on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Analysis. TIER0 [2010] Asian-Pacific Mega-exhibitions: A Critical Perspective RCC [2009] For the Sake of a Second Life: Approaches to Sustainable Design — Selection of Danne Ojeda’s works: —
Asst Prof Els Van DongenResearch Areas Chinese intellectuals Intellectual debates in reform China (post-1978) Conceptual history and knowledge circulation Twentieth-century Chinese historiography Intellectual history of modern China Chinese diaspora and migration Diaspora policies and nationalism Education of returned overseas Chinese during the Cold War Universities for Chinese overseas in the PRC during the reform period (post-1978) For my publications, see: Teaching Areas HH1003 Asia-Pacific in Global History: From 1800 HH3001 Historiography: Theory and Methods HH3003 Migration and Diaspora: Chinese Experiences in Comparative Perspective HH3015 In the Name of the Nation?: Nationalism in Asia HH3021 Traitors, TV Stars, and Taboos: Representing History in Contemporary China HH4012 Intellectual History of Modern China HH7090 Special Topics in History: Global Asia
Dr F. Perono CacciafocoHistorical Linguistics, Etymology, Diachronic Toponymy, Historical Semantics, Onomastics, Indo-European Linguistics, Language Documentation, Descriptive Linguistics, Theoretical Linguistics, Austronesian and Papuan Languages, Landscape Archaeology