Research Categories


This category covers:

  1. Judgment and Decision Making
    • Auditor Performance
    • Analysts Forecasts
    • Investor Decisions
    • Financial Reporting
  2. Financial Reporting
    • Earnings Quality
    • Earnings Management
    • Use of Accounting Information for Valuation
    • Impact of Regulations
    • Corporate Disclosure
    • Corporate Governance
    • Investor Protection
    • International Financial Reporting
  3. Management Accounting and Management Control System
    • Measurement
    • Evaluation and Compensation of Performance
    • Control Issues in Multinationals
NameResearch Interests
Asst Prof Alper DarendeliVoluntary Disclosure Information Dissemination Role of Information Environment in Capital Markets Geographic Location and Firm Performance
Assoc Prof Boo Hian Yong, El'fredAudit and enterprise risk management issues Corporate governance and disclosure Behavioural and ethical issues
Mrs Chan-Ng Ai LinMrs Chan-Ng Ai Lin's research interests include ethics, corporate governance and performance evaluation.
Prof Chang XinCorporate Finance, Corporate Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibilities, Green Finance
Assoc Prof Charlie CharoenwongDr. Charoenwong's current research interests are in market microstructure, market efficiency, and investments. His publications appear in international refereed journals such as Journal of Banking and Finance, Financial Management, Financial Review, Journal of Futures Markets, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, and Advances in Pacific Basin Financial Markets.
Assoc Prof Chen Tao, JonasCorporate Finance, ESG, FinTech
Asst Prof Cheong Foong SoonCorporate governance, Analyst forecast, Management guidance, Investor responses.
Assoc Prof Choo Teck MinProfessor Choo's area of research interest is in financial accounting standards.
Dr Chu Yeong LimFinancial Accounting, Accounting for Financial Institutions, Risk Management, Accounting Information Systems, Accounting Education.
Asst Prof Chung Byung HunI do financial archival research and have been mainly involved with behavioral topics such as overconfidence, national culture, and trust.