Research Integrity

Theses / Dissertations


​​To ensure that NTU maintains the highest standards of research integrity in our work, there is a need to ensure that publications of research done at NTU, including theses and dissertations, adhere to responsible reporting practices​. Such good reporting practices include, but are not limited to, proper authorship attribution and avoiding plagiarism. 

Research work done at the graduate level by Masters or PhD students is presented to supervisors and Schools in the form of theses / dissertations, which often form the basis for further development work both locally and globally. The usage of students' own previously published materials such as book chapters, articles, reports, letters, posters, etc. in their theses / dissertations is allowed*. The guidelines to differentiate between real plagiarism and duplication from student's own publications can be found in NTU's guideline titled "Further Guidance on anti-plagiarism checks ​on Masters and PhD Theses". ​Since the incorporation of the student's (own) prior works into theses or dissertations has become increasingly common and plagiarism is on the rise, ​all theses / dissertations ​​submitted by students must now include three statements that are to be acknowledged by students and supervisors, where applicable, prior to submission. This requirement is also reflected in the revised ​​Research Integrity Policy for the Responsible Conduct of Research​​​​ ​​which has been reviewed and approved by the President's Council as of end March 2018. 

The following are the statements to be included in all theses and dissertations:  

  1. Statement of Originality: Certifies that work done and reported is the student's own and has not been previously submitted to another University or Institution. 

  2. Supervisor Declaration Statement​: Formerly provided as a separate insert to theses / dissertations, this statement is to now be included within the submission. 

  3. Authorsh​ip Attribution Statement​​: ​Details the contribution of each author to the study.

These 3 statements must be included in all theses / dissertations by students. If the thesis or dissertation does not contain any published material, select option (A) reflected in the updated Thesis Declaration Statements template, v3.0. Such statements with nil entry must still be signed by students (Please refer to FAQs 2 to 4 below).  

Download: Thesis Declaration Statements(v3.0, updated 25 Feb 2019)

Certain Schools may have adapted the templates for specific disciplines. Students are advised to check with their School's office on the appropriate templates to use. ​​​ 
For queries regarding the above, please contact​

* Note: Although the usage of student's own previously published materials in theses / dissertations is acceptable, it is the responsibility of the student to comply with the copyright transfer agreement / publication agreement and obtain written permission / confirmation from the journal/Editor, if applicable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

​1 Where should the Declaration Statements be included in the thesis?

The sequence recommended by OAS is as follows:

  1. Title Page
  2. Statement of Originality
  3. Supervisor Declaration Statement
  4. Authorship Attribution Statement
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Summary

Must the Authorship Attribution Statements always be included, even if not applicable?

The Authorship Attribution Statement must always be included in a thesis though the appropriate option (A) or (B) is to be selected. Refer to the latest templated dated 25 Feb 2019 to view the relevant options. 
​Is the Authorship Attribution Statement required if my thesis contains materials featured in a manuscript currently undergoing review by a journal?

Author contributions must be provided in the Authorship Attribution Statement once the manuscript has been accepted by the journal (accepted; in press). If the manuscript is in review phase, author attributions are not required.

​Is the Authorship Attribution Statement required if my thesis contains materials featured in an accepted conference paper?

Yes, author contributions must be detailed in the Authorship Attribution Statement in such cases
Must the co-supervisor also sign off on the Supervisor Declaration Statement?

Co-supervisors need not sign off on this statement; only the main supervisor's signature will be required.

How should the statements be signed off on?

Statements can be signed in hardcopy and scanned for insertion into thesis. Or e-signatures can be added.

7 Must the Declaration Statements be included in hardcopies as well?

Yes, the format outlined in (1) applies to both softcopies and hardbound theses.

If I am submitting my revised thesis after 1 Jan 2019, must these declaration statements be included in my thesis submission?

Yes, all submissions received on or after 1 Jan 2019 must include the declaration statements.