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​Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) 6th grant call

Published on : 05-Nov-2015

The Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) 6th grant call is now open.

Grant Call Areas

  1. Pedagogy and Learning/Special Needs Education
  2. Ageing and Palliative Care
  3. Others: a) Biomimetics, b) Sustainable Green Industry or c) Food Security 


Research Proposals

The proposals in the above areas should preferably be in applied research, and must have direct relevance and are beneficial to Singapore.

Duration: 1 to 3 years

Funding:  $250,000 per year

*Budget for overseas conference travel: $6000 per year. However, capped at 10% of project budget or $15,000/project whichever is lower


Review of Proposals

  • SMF requires all grant proposals to be reviewed by at least two review panels of the respective institutions.
  • NTU can only submit 2 best proposals (including NIE) for each of the specified research areas for SMF's consideration.


Criteria for short-listing of applications for external/SMF Board review

  1. Focus on studies whose findings challenge current knowledge and practices
  2. Be novel
  3. Not well funded
  4. Be important and of direct benefit to Singapore
  5. Emphasize interdisciplinary approaches to solve the critical problems facing Singapore



Submission to Schools (recommended deadline, please check with your respective Schools administrators for confirmation)

16 Dec 2015: PI to submit to Schools for 1st round of review

Schools will be required to submit the following to RSO by 5 Jan 2016, 5pm for the 2nd stage of review

  1. At least 2 review reports with scores (template attached) – reviewers should be nominated by Chair/AcR and not be from the same School as the PI
    • The review comments will be used to assist the 2nd review panel in their evaluation and shortlisting and will be returned to PIs as feedback.
  2. Softcopy - PDF of WORD converted proposal for  2nd stage review
  3. Hardcopy with
    1. AcR comments on the proposed project
    2. AcR original signature
    3. PI original signature
    4. Signature of all other team members


RSO deadlines

05 Jan 2016         : For 2nd panel review nominated by RSO

15 Jan 2016         : Outcome of shortlisting to PIs, together with all review comments

25 Jan 2016         : Improved shortlisted proposals due to RSO for checks and endorsement

29 Jan 2016         : RSO submission to SMF


Briefing/Discussion forum

Event: Singapore Millennium Foundation grant call briefing and discussion forum

Date: 13 Nov 2015

Time: 1.30 to 2.30 pm

Venue: LT13, Block NS2 Level 4 (NS2-04-11)

Registration (PIs should indicate interest to submit for this SMF call through the registration site even if you're unable to attend the forum) :


General enquiries

Please contact Dr Ong Tan Ching at or 6790 5637.