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Upcoming Virtual Singapore 2nd R&D Grant Call - Open in Apr 2017

Published on : 21-Feb-2017

The first research briefing of Virtual Singapore 2nd Grant Call has been conducted on 10 Feb 2017. The funding agency shared some details of grant process and other administrative matters for the upcoming 2nd VS grant call. A group of researchers also presented their ideas of modelling and simulation applications that make use of 3D city models to help address problems in the city. Ple​ase follow the link to find materials presented in the session

The upcoming 2nd VS R&D Grant Call will be open for application in April 2017.
The research focus areas will be on:
a) Modelling and simulation applications that utilize 3D city-scale models with semantics at multiple Levels of Details (LODs)
b) Advanced tools to support input data processing, simulation and interactive analysis that are needed to implement modelling & simulation applications

 Application to be completed and submitted through RITA website.

  • ​​Full Proposal must be submitted with specific use case and supported by Government Agencies;
  • RSO understands from the briefing on 10 Feb 2017 that applicants need to indicate the specific use case of interest to government agencies in the application.  In this case, all interested applicants are strongly encouraged to actively seek collaboration with government agencies from now till the opening of the grant call in Apr 2017.
  • Proof of support from Government Agencies is required at the point of application.

Virtual Singapore will be organizing another networking session on 24 Feb 2017 (please see the agenda below).  All interested applicants are strongly encouraged to leverage on this platform to form partnership with government agencies (i.e. the end users of the researchers' technology), in preparation of the grant call scheduled to be launched in  Apr 2017.

Please see below for more details:

Venue and time:
Date: 24th Feb 2017 (Friday)
Time: 2pm
Venue: CREATE Theatrette, @ 1 Create Way, Lvl 2, Create Tower S(138602).
Registration: (Kindly note the registration will close on 21 Feb 2017.)

The tentative agenda as below:


Potential ideas/topics for collaboration

  Title Abstract Presenter
1BIM and GIS for enhancing construction processes and simulationBIM and GIS integration enhances construction processes and simulation in a broader environment, bringing forth a large panel of applications amidst the emergence of Smart Cities and Communities. This talks will discuss an integrated GIS and BIM model management system and the issues to link GIS and BIM for enhancing simulations and construction.Prof. Evelyn Teo, School of Design and Environment, NUS
2Outdoor Comfort Levels under Singapore's Prevailing Weather ConditionsResidential Comfort levels are useful to demonstrate the public the natural living conditions within the respective community affecting the life quality of citizen such as walking, cycling, etc. Impacts of comprehensive environmental factors, including wind, rain, cloud solar heat, etc, will be addressed in the study.Xu Xiangguo, IHPC
3Virtualized education in a virtual city: for learning introductory programming conceptsExploring the idea of a gaming platform leveraging data and 3D models available from the Virtual Singapore programme to facilitate more engaging, realistic and conducive learning environments for education in computer programming. Ta Duong, NTU
43D Urban Noise Models to Better Predict Noise Impacts on Urban Citizens and Assess Noise Mitigation MethodsTo investigate building 3D noise models by combining noise simulation models with 3D city model; and on top of it, to discuss the potential usages of those 3D models in urban planning and management, such as predicting noise impact on residences, assessing the existing noise mitigation methods and exploring new onesZhou Huan, I2R
5Towards Developing An Integrated Urban Heat Island Modelling SystemMajor heat sources such as solar radiation and anthropogenic heat from industrial activities, traffic system and building energy consumptions and heat sinks like urban parks, grasslands and water bodies are factors to be considered in this integrated urban heat island modelling system.Dr. Xu Ming, FCL, Singapore-ETH Centre
6High-fidelity simulation of vehicle-to-vehicle communications technologies and autonomous vehicles (AVs) in SingaporeTo explore how Virtual Singapore may serve as a powerful tool to investigate the adoption of vehicle-to-vehicle communications technologies and autonomous vehicles (AVs) in Singapore. It is imperative that use cases such as first- and last-mile mobility and AV-enabled public transport are investigated thoroughly through simulations in realistic traffic and weather conditions on the actual road network of Singapore, before actual deployment. Prof Justin Dauwels (NTU)
7Simulation and auralization for urban acoustic planning using 3D city-scale models We propose to develop methods and build interactive tools for urban acoustic planning and soundscape design to enable effective planning for cities. 3D city-scale models with different LODs along with acoustic sources' information is essential to simulate the physics of sound waves for auralization at different levels e.g. in a region or inside a buildingLokesh Dhakar, Immerzen Labs Pte Ltd