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Virtual Singapore 2nd R&D Grant Call Research Briefing​​

Published on : 26-Jan-2017

​1.       We are pleased to inform you about an upcoming research grant opportunity for researchers in 3D city modelling.  Virtual Singapore has plans to launch their 2nd R&D Grant Call soon and all researchers in this area are invited to attend their briefing on 10 Feb 2017.  Please see below for more details:

Venue and time:

Date: 10th Feb 2017 (Friday)

Time: 2pm to 4.30pm

Venue: CREATE Seminar Room @ 1 Create Way, Level 2, Create Tower, 138602

Virtual Singapore Programme

Virtual Singapore (VS) aims to be a realistic model of the physical city state, not in the form of traditional plans and miniature woodblocks, but as a realistic and integrated three-dimensional (3D) model with semantics in the virtual space. Advanced information and modelling technology will allow Virtual Singapore to be infused with different sources of static, dynamic and real-time city data and information.​

The early uses of 3D city models were mostly for visualizing the city. But with technology advancements it has become possible to utilise 3D city models in large number of application domains to derive meaningful insights of our urban environment.

The upcoming 2nd VS R&D Grant Call will focus on

a)       Modelling and simulation applications that utilize 3D city-scale models with semantics at multiple Levels of Details (LODs)

b)      Advanced tools to support input data processing, simulation and interactive analysis that are needed to implement modelling & simulation applications

Research Briefing

The research briefing will provide R&D Grant Call details covering the research focus areas and the grant process – eligibility, funding support, evaluation criteria and other administrative matters. The session will also include a sharing session for researchers to present on ideas of modelling and simulation applications making use of 3D city models to help address problems in the city. Please find the detailed agenda as attached.

2.       We encourage your active participation at this briefing.  For logistics planning purposes, please register at the following link ( ).  We also suggest for each College/School to send representatives to attend (where appropriate), to facilitate further sharing of information within the department.​