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1st NRF Science of Research, Innovation and Enterprise programme (SRIE) Grant Call​

Published on : 15-Jul-2014

NRF's Science of Research, Innovation and Enterprise programme (SRIE) 1st Grant Call is now open for application. SRIE funds research and relevant capability-building activities that supports evidence-based policy-making in research, innovation and enterprise (RIE). The programme outcomes will inform the design and implementation of RIE activities to maximise the social and economic value from our RIE investments.

Objectives of SRIE

  1. To understand the systems and processes of research, innovation and enterprise;
  2. To evaluate research, innovation and enterprise investments and their decision-making processes;
  3. To enhance the collection, dissemination, usage and analysis of data for the purposes of (1) and (2); and
  4. To grow a community knowledgeable in SRIE in government, academia and industry in Singapore

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the issues that SRIE seeks to address, it will cover various fields including sociology, psychology, behavioural science, economics, business, physical sciences, biomedical sciences, engineering, and computer science. Please refer to Annex A for the examples of topics that may be funded under SRIE.

Funding and Duration

  1. Award amounts per proposal will vary according to scale and topic. Applicants are advised to provide a realistic budget with appropriate justifications that corresponds to the scope of work to be accomplished. Over-budgeting is strongly discouraged.
  2. Awarded projects will be funded for up to 3 years.

Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be evaluated against these criteria by a multi-disciplinary expert panel:

  1. Ability to meet programme aims
  2. Relevance to Singapore
  3. Access to required data (for research studies)
  4. Feasibility and quality of proposed methodology
  5. Expertise of proposed team
  6. Programme management
  7. Extent of support by public agencies, evidenced by co-funding, granted data access, commitment of manpower or facilities

Only publicly funded institutes based in Singapore and public agencies may apply. Other entities may be included as collaborators. All or part of the research must be carried out in Singapore. At the point of application, Lead PIs must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Hold a primary appointment in a local publicly funded institution;
  2. Hold a minimum of 9 months employment with a local Singapore Institution, and fulfil at least 6 months of residency in Singapore over a period of 1 calendar year; and
  3. Have a track record of executing research projects, mentoring research teams, and productive research outcomes.

RSO's Application Timeline

(All submissions are to be done through school administrators to RSO)

14th JulyLaunch of the 1st SRIE Grant Call
21st JulySubmission of indicative interest (through school administrators)
6th AugustSubmission of hardcopy and softcopy of the following documents to RSO:
  • Cover Sheet (Annex B)
  • Research proposal (max of 10 pages, font size 12)
  • Annexes (CVs and references)
  • Letter of support by public agencies (if any).
Please refer to the attached detailed guidelines for the instructions/information to be provided in the proposal and RITA application form. Administrative checking is to be completed by the applicants and respective school administrators. A checklist will be disseminated to the school administrators. Interested applicants are requested to check with their school administrators regarding their schools' internal deadlines for administrative checks.
7th -15th AugustAs NTU can only submit up to 5 proposals to NRF, there will be internal reviews by the expert team.

Senior Management will select the five proposals for submission to NRF.
16th -24th August RSO will notify the shortlisted PIs

Shortlisted PIs to prepare and polish their proposals for submission to NRF (to incorporate feedback from the review panel) via RITA system.

The completed RITA application form, research proposal and other relevant attachment must be submitted by the shortlisted lead PIs
via RITA and endorsed by the NTU endorsement authority by NRF's stipulated deadline.

To avoid any unforeseen technical errors, all applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their proposals online by 22 Aug 2014, 12 noon for endorsement by the appointed institution authority.
25th Aug, 0000Grant call close

Please refer to for further information and details related to the SRIE Programme.

Queries can be sent to or respective school administrators.