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Singapore Cancer Society Cancer Research Grant Call 2014​

Published on : 15-Jul-2014

The Singapore Cancer Society Cancer (SCS) Research Grant 2014 is now calling for applications. The Singapore  Cancer Society (SCS) is a community  based voluntary health organization dedicated  to minimizing the impact of cancer through public education,  screening,  patient services, financial  assistance,  research  and advocacy.

Details of grant call

Amount funded

Others                                              : $300,000

Psycho-social research (new grants)   : $100,000

Small/start-up grants                         : up to $25,000

Important notes on budget:

  • SCS does not fund overheads
  • Equipment cost should be less than 20% of total amount requested

Funding duration: One year

Additional information is also available on SCS website:

SCS is inviting grants proposals  for projects in the following  categories:


  • Basic (e.g. tumour biology, immunology, molecular genetics)
  • Behavioural (e.g. risk factors, prevention, screening, supportive care needs, health-related quality of life, nutrition & dietetics, nursing)
  • Clinical (e.g. medical/surgical/radiation oncology, clinical pharmacology

 Social sciences or Socioeconomics (qualitative & quantitative)

  • Psychosocial aspects (e.g. effects of cancer on patients & family members, coping with cancer, needs of cancer patients, developing long-term solutions for cancer 'epidemic')
  • Quantitative and statistical surveys (e.g. link between screening & detection/cancer survival rates, effectiveness of screening)

Selection criteria for funding would be based as follows:

  1. Title or topic of the research  study
  2. Aims and objectives of research study - Clearly stated
  3. Research rationale & philosophy - Researchers reasons for conducting the study and explanation  of its impact/benefit to the population.  Literature review can be mentioned if necessary.
  4. Research  approach - Quantitative, qualitative or mixed study
  5. Research  strategy - Survey/ case study/ sample study/ laboratory experiments for data collection
  6. Profile on Research team to complete the project - Principal investigator, the team and organizations to complete the project
  7. Resources involved - Psychometric scales, specialised software's (SPSS etc.), equipment,  laboratories etc
  8. Research  ethical considerations – Like use of consent form wherever required, debriefing for survey or sample study, maintaining  confidentiality,  ethical approval from any other organisation  or bodies if required
  9. Describe how the results may impact the community and/or intent to publish
  10. Research  project timeline - Gantt chart for time management

Overlapping funding for projects supported by other grants is not permitted.


Both softcopy (single PDF file converted from WORD, less than 10MB) and hardcopy submissions should reach Research Support Office (RSO) by 29 August 2014.

Interested applicants should submit:

  1. Annex A: Application Cover Information Sheet
  2. Annex B: Application Form
  3. PI CV: contains summary of past research experience, including relevant publications (details of involvement in cancer control activities may also be stated)
  4. Abstract of the proposal (maximum 1 page): should contain sufficient details for evaluation of the project
  5. Proposal/ detailed description of the project
  6. Support Letter from Head of Department/ AcR

For any enquiries, please contact Dr Ong Tan Ching ( or tel: 6790 5637.

The guidelines and additional documents on the research grants are attached for your reference.