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2014 A*STAR SERC Public Sector Research Funding (PSF) Grant Call

Published on : 17-Jun-2014


The A*STAR, Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) is inviting for proposals for 2014 Public Sector Research Funding (PSF) Grant Call, which are:

a.     in areas of upstream research and/or,

b.     exploring novel concepts (rather than application of existing approaches to new technologies or development of systems). 

Only proposals meeting the above criteria which can create a meaningful impact on SERC’s current and future activities will be considered. It is advised to articulate the potential scientific impact in the context of research in Singapore, especially SERC RIs. SERC's areas of interest can be found by reference to the websites of the individual SERC Research Institutes. 

Eligibility and funding 

This grant call will be open to all researchers employed by publicly funded local universities, polytechnics, non-defence-related public sector agencies and other organs of state. A*STAR Research Institute and private company staff may only be involved as collaborators (without funding). 

PSF typically support projects no longer than 3 years with total project value (excluding in-kind contributions, cost of existing equipment, manpower as well as building cost) of less than S$1M. 

Application and Closing Date 

Each submission should be done via iGRANTs starting 16 June 2014 and fully endorsed by SERC is 16 September 2014

Interested applicants are requested to familiarize with the guidelines and take note of the following:

a.     Please read the following documents carefully in preparation for the online application (available for download in iGRANTs)

§   Document A - Notes to Budget Proposal Preparation

§   Document B - Frequently Asked Questions

b.     Proposals should not be substantially similar to proposals submitted to any other funding agency, including but not limited to the Biomedical Research Council (BMRC), Ministry of Education (MOE) and National Research Foundation (NRF). 

c.     In the event that there is a commitment to cost-share either by the employing organisation, industry or a participating sponsor, documentary evidence of such prior commitment/s must accompany the submission. 

Administrative checking is done by applicants and respective School Administrators. Interested applicants are requested to check with their School Administrators regarding their Schools’ internal deadlines for administrative checks. 

Please note that the proposal details, budget, KPI and milestones will no longer be filled in via the old iGrants interface. The proposal template and the proposed budget, milestones, work contribution and KPIs excel sheet can be found in iGrants. Only duly completed and endorsed proposal documents should be uploaded into iGrants. All proposals should be endorsed by D-RSO prior to submission.  

To avoid any unforeseen technical errors, all applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their proposals online early.  

Incomplete submissions or submissions that fail to obtain all endorsements by the grant call deadline will strictly not be considered. 

Queries can be sent to (Attn: Peisi) or respective School Administrators. 

A briefing session on this grant call would be conducted in July by SERC in NTU. Further details would be provided shortly.