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Industry Alignment Fund- Pre-positioning (IAF-PP) - AME and HBMS domains

Published on : 10-Aug-2016

​The Industry Alignment Fund- Pre-positioning (IAF-PP) scheme for AME and HBMS Domains is open for application. Please see key information regarding this grant below:


 Details IAF - PP
Overview of grant call  

Overview of IAF-PP:

Ø To develop industry-ready capabilities towards deepening alignment of public sector research

Ø To develop multidisciplinary and integrated programmes with early industry involvement

Ø Supports new programmes, as well as existing programmes that have demonstrated strong track record of success and industry potential

Ø Programmes supported should be aligned with domains' themes and strategies


More information here:

Grant agencies

Governance of IAF – PP

  • Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC) decides on all IAF-PP policies and project approvals
  • Comprises Managing Director EDB, Managing Director A*STAR and CEO NRF


Implementation Agency

The RIE Strategy Committee has tasked A*STAR as the Implementing Agency to administer the programme, reporting to the IAF-PP SOC


Eligibility criteria

Programme director should:

i. Hold at least a 0.7FTE primary appointment in a Singapore publicly funded institution;

ii. Run a laboratory or research programme that carries out research in  Singapore; and

iii. Have a track record of leadership ability in coordinating research programme and providing mentorship to research team, as well as productive research outcomes

Assessment criteria

· Programmes supported by IAF-PP are expected to lead to industry investments within 3-5 years

· Target leverage ratio of 1: 0.5 (IAF-PP funding: industry R&D spending in Singapore)

· Key Criteria: Potential for industry development and economic impact

Ø Alignment of programme to Domain strategic objectives and ability to deliver RIE2020 outcomes (Details can be found at )

Ø Pre-positioning for value creation and value capture in Singapore

Ø Potential to attract corporate R&D spending and investments (e.g. joint or corporate lab, co-development of project, creation of high quality jobs)

Ø Differentiation and competitiveness at an international level 



Application opens throughout the year

4 review cycles each year. Full Proposal Submission Deadlines:

Ø By 28 Feb, for Review in Mar

Ø By 31 May, for Review in Jun

Ø By 30 Sep, for Review in Oct

Ø By 30 Nov, for Review in Dec

Internal process


Institution endorsement for applications

· All LOIs are requested to seek email endorsement from D-RSO prior to submission

· Please send completed LOI to RSO (rso‐ through respective School Administrators for D-RSO's endorsement 


Interested applicants are requested to be familiar with the requirements of the IAF-PP grant. 


IAF-PP Communications Package as attached in email announcement contains the information and relevant documents listed below:

1)      IAF-PP Information Deck

2)      IAF-PP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3)      IAF-PP Letter of Intent (LOI)

4)      IAF-PP Application Form


Queries can be sent to rso‐ or respective School Administrators.