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Health and Biomedical Sciences (HBMS) Open Fund Shared Infrastructure Support (SIS) grant call

Published on : 20-Apr-2017


The National Research Foundation will be launching the Health and Biomedical Sciences (HBMS) Open Fund Shared Infrastructure Support (SIS) Grant Call on 17 April 2017.


Interested applicants need to send the pre-LOI-submission inquiries with information below to by 17 Apr, 12nn:

1) Nature of the infrastructure/platform.

2) Host institution of proposed infrastructure/platform and corresponding institutional contact details (at least director-level).

3) Whether proposed infrastructure/platform will receive co-funding. Please state source of co-funding. Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to start the discussion with school and college for co-funding.


The pre-LOI-submission inquiry is required by NRF to certify the eligibility and request the official SIS LOI application template. Early sight will enable the SIS secretariat to provide guidance and assistance. Eligible applicants will receive the official LOI template on or after 17 April 2017. SIS application template (LOI), with all the sections duly filled, should be submitted by end of 29 May 2017.



 The SIS scheme provides funding support to existing or new national-level shared infrastructure/platforms that would provide state-of-the-art technology and high-quality scientific services to the HBMS research community.


Areas of support

It is open to all areas which are strategic to Singapore. These infrastructure/platforms are what Singapore needs to "build" locally in terms of equipment and human capital so as to support HBMS R&D, and maintain or sharpen Singapore's competitive edge.  For more information, please refer to the attached SIS information sheet.

Examples of infrastructure/platforms are as follows (for illustration only, and not limited to this list):

· Animal Model Procurement and Facilities

· Bioimaging

· Biosafety level-3 (BSL3)

· Next-Generation Sequencing


Funding quantum and duration

The SIS scheme offers funding support for up to 5 years and from $5M (minimum) to S$10M (maximum). Applicants have to provide justifications for the requested funding quanta. Co-funding from host public institutions or funding agencies is required, as the SIS is not meant to fully cover the capital and operating costs. Only direct costs will be supported and no indirect cost will be provided. SIS funding can be used to support the following:

a. Purchase, leasing and essential running and maintenance expenses of major equipment/facility; SIS would normally support part of purchasing cost for new equipment with total unit cost of S$1M and above.

b. Remuneration for staff (necessary to run and/or manage the infrastructure/platform); No support for experimental research personnel will be given.

c. Consumables and materials required for establishing and maintaining the infrastructure/platform; project-related expenses are not allowed.


Eligibility criteria

Applications may be considered only if made under the auspices of universities, academic medical centres, healthcare clusters, A*STAR, CREATE, or other local publicly funded organisation.

All applicants are highly encouraged to collaborate with other institutions to co-develop national-level infrastructure/platforms.


Selection Process and Evaluation Criteria

Please refer to  SIS information Sheet Section 6 to 8 for details in selection process and evaluation criteria. In brief, eligible applicants who submitted the pre-LOI submission inquiries will be required to submit a mandatory Letter of Intent (LOI); supporting letters have to be provided at point of application, by 29 May 2017. Only shortlisted LOIs will be invited to submit full proposals. Full proposals would have to articulate a viable business plan.

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