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Early prompt for MOE Tertiary Education Research Fund (TRF) 2016 grant call​

Published on : 18-Dec-2015

​The 2nd Ministry of Education (MOE) Tertiary Education Research Fund (TRF) will open in Feb 2016.

 Interested applicants from NTU are encouraged to attend the briefing session to find out more about this fund and the grant application and evaluation process.


Briefing session by MOE

Date:  15 February 2016

Time: 4 p.m.

Venue: MOE (Buona Vista), Level 24 Function Room

-In addition to an overview of the TRF, the briefing will also include a session with the TRF Expert Panel, covering the feedback on the proposals received for the 2015 grant call.



Grant call closing: 15 April 2016

MOE requires NTU to review and shortlist the proposals prior to submission.  RSO will release more details such as internal deadline etc. closer to the grant call opening date.

Attached are the past 2015 1st MOE TRF call guidelines and documents for early preparation work. Only minor changes are expected to these document for the 2016 call.

Listing of projects awarded to NTU for the 1st MOE TRF call is available through this link.


Background of MOE TRF

  • TRF was set up to promote innovation and research into teaching and learning at a higher education level.
  • The Tertiary Education Research Fund (TRF) funds applied educational research projects on a competitive basis across Singapore's publicly-funded universities, polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education (ITE).
  • Through the TRF, the MOE empowers Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to actively and continuously improve teaching and learning (T&L) practices based on reliable research and data. The TRF promotes effective and innovative T&L practices which have the potential to improve the quality of T&L across all IHLs in Singapore.


The total project value (TPV*) and duration of project will depend on the project category:

Project CategoryTotal Project ValueDuration of project
Individual $40, 000 - $250, 000Up to 2 years
ProgrammaticUp to $1MUp to 3 years

*Total funding to be disbursed for 2016 = $1.8-$2 mil

Individual Category are single projects led by a Principal Investigator (PI) which may target students in a specific classroom or within one division/department level.

Programmatic Category are research projects which may be linked by a certain theme, and headed by a Lead PI, with Project PIs designated to lead sub-research groups within the programme. The aim of the Programmatic Category is to encourage collaboration between different faculties/schools in IHLs, as well as across the IHLs.


TRF projects may take on one of four forms:

1.Ideation or Proof of Concept Projects

These projects develop existing ideas into implementable models. (E.g. synthesis of existing principles or theories to develop curriculum/lesson for the class or division.) 

2.Translation Projects

These projects implement proven and tested ideas in new contexts. (E.g. the implementation of an idea from one faculty to another.) 

3. Scaling Projects

These projects implement tested ideas in an increasing number of sites. (E.g. implementing an idea across the different faculties in an institution.) 

4. Evaluation Studies

These projects verify the worth or effectiveness of new and existing projects, programmes, procedures and/or interventions, as well as overall outcome or change. (E.g. how successful the implementation of an idea has been.)


Principal Investigator (PI) and Co- Principal Investigator (co-PI) must be full-time staff based locally in our publicly-funded universities, polytechnics and ITE. Collaborators can be based overseas but the research funded under TRF has to be conducted in Singapore.

For further clarification, please contact Dr Ong Tan Ching at or tel: 6790 5637