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Environmentally-Friendly Water-based Specialty Products​

Published on : 28-Nov-2014

The Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC), A*STAR has launched a Call for Proposals for "Environmentally-Friendly Water-Based Specialty Products".

The Environmentally-Friendly Water-based Specialty Products programme was formulated in 2013, which aims to develop personal and consumer care products (including specialty coatings) that avoid or immobilize SOCs, establishing Singapore as a centre of innovation in smart solutions.


The aim of this call for proposals is to provide directed funding to advance research capabilities and technologies that enable the immobilization of SOCs or harmful small additives by linking them to a structure or encapsulation with specific applications in personal care, consumer products (including specialty coatings) and water treatment.

Eligibility and Amount

The call for proposals is open to researchers in all local public sector research organisations, universities, polytechnics and A*STAR-funded research institutes and centres.

SERC will support projects with a total project value <S$1million (including indirect costs).

Application Process

A white paper of up to five A4 pages is required. There is no template for the white papers.

All proposals must include the following details:

  • Proposal Objectives
  • Research Approach and Methodology
  • Novelty of Approach
  • Previous Preliminary Work (if any)

Successful white papers would be invited for full proposals submission. Details would be provided at a later date.

All white papers should be submitted to by 31 December 2014 for onward submission to A*STAR.

Further enquiries can be directed to Peisi at