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EMA’s Grant Call on Energy Resilience now open for application​

Published on : 08-May-2017

The Energy Market Authority (EMA)'s grant call on Energy Resilience is now open for application. Please see key information regarding this grant below:


 Details EMA's Grant Call on Energy Resilience
Research areas  

· Nature of Grant Call: Directed


· Research areas:

a) Directed Call for Proposals on Improving the Physical Resilience of Singapore's Power System (ensuring reliability and efficiency of assets);

b) Directed Call for Proposals on Improving the Cyber Resilience of Singapore's Power System (safeguarding against external threats) and

c) Directed Call for Proposals on Improving the Market Resilience of Singapore's Power System (securing market competitiveness)      

·  More details are available here:  

Grant application process

· 2 Stages:

a) White Paper stage and

b) Full Proposal stage (only upon EMA's invitation)

Mandatory criteria

·  All Proposals to be submitted via RITA: First time RITA users may sign up for an account here:


·  Template available for White Paper submission here: 

Project duration· No more than 3 years (including completion of Final Report) 
Special notes about Intellectual Property (IP)

·  All foreground Intellectual Property (i.e. IP arising from the awarded projects) shall be the property of the organisations responsible for undertaking the research project in such proportions as they may determine


·  The Government and public sector agencies shall reserve a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, perpetual, irreovocable, worldwide, royalty-free right and licence to use, modify, reproduce and distribute the Foreground IP (i.e. IP arising from the awarded projects) for non-commercial, R&D and/or educational purposes only 

Key deadlines


· Indications of interest: 12 Jun 2017, noon

· Original signed hardcopies: 28 Jun 2017, noon

· Recommended internal deadline for early RITA submission: 3 Jul 2017, noon

· NRF's RITA submission deadline: 5 Jul 2017, noon


All submission are made to RSO through School/Institute Administrators

Others· NIE researchers - please approach the NIE Research Office regarding NIE's internal deadlines and process


Interested applicants are requested to prepare their proposals in accordance to EMA's guidelines.   For submission of research proposals, PIs are requested to take note of that administrative checking is done by applicants and respective School/Institute Administrators.  Interested applicants are requested to check with their School Administrators regarding their Schools' internal requirements and deadlines for administrative checks. 

Queries can be sent to