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A*STAR BEP 2014 Grant Call​

Published on : 05-Nov-2014

The A*STAR Healthcare and Lifestyle Programme Office (H&L) is pleased to announce that the BEP2014 Grant Call will be opened from the 11 November to 9 December 2014.

The Biomedical Engineering Programme (BEP) is a competitive, multi-disciplinary grant programme aimed at engaging the local clinical community with engineers and scientists to develop cost-effective innovations through a needs-driven approach that will improve patient care.

The BEP seeks to foster Clinician-Engineer collaborations to develop medical devices and solutions to clinical problems.

In particular, it supports collaborative research projects with emphasis on devices, procedures, diagnosis, and clinical systems to improve patient care and cost-efficiency of the healthcare system.

Projects will have to be driven by needs identified by the Clinical Community that are matched to a potential technological solution from the A*STAR SERC or BMRC Research institutes (RIs), and/or Non-A*STAR Institutes (Universities, Polytechnics, Publicly-funded Institutes).

Applications for the BEP2014 Grant are not restricted to a particular clinical area, but priority will be given to proposals in Cardiology, Neurology and Ophthalmology.

Grant TypeDescriptionProject DurationMax. Quantum Per Proposal
Proof-of- Concept (POC)

A POC application is for ideas that do not have an existing prototype or device for a particular clinical need.


The potential technology has only been identified as a possible solution to the clinical need, without prior work being done.


No animal or human trials are needed at the POC phase.

12 to 18 monthsS$0.25 to S$0.5 Million
Proof-of-Value (POV)

The POV application is for projects that have an existing prototype or device that has been previously developed from funding from other grants for a particular clinical need.


The prototype will have bench data, possibly some patents filed and papers published as prior work has been done.

18 to 24 monthsS$1 to S$1.5 Million


Each proposal must involve a collaboration between a Clinical Lead Principal Investigator (Clinical Lead PI) and a Technical Lead Principal Investigator (Technical Lead PI).

The Clinical Lead PI must be primarily employed by a publicly funded hospital, national specialty centre or medical school and the Technical Lead PI must be employed by a local public-funded institution.

Submission Details

Softcopy submission

  • word document without signatures and PDF with signatures to RSO by 5 December 2014 (12pm).

Hardcopy submission
  • with original signatures to RSO by 10 December 2014 (5pm).
  • All hardcopy proposals with signatures must be submitted through either the Clinical Lead PI's or Technical Lead PI's respective Office Of Research / Principal's or Directors' Office / Agency Headquarters / RI ED's Office or equivalent.

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