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AcRF MOE Tier 3 2015 Grant Call​

Published on : 21-Jul-2014

The MOE Tier 3 programme level grant call is a prestigious academic-led research scheme administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE).  There are two programme types for this grant call: Type A at maximum $10 million and Type B at maximum $25 million. The evaluation will be done by the MOE's high level Academic Research Council (ARC), the same Council that recommends to the MOE the awarded Tier 2 proposals.

The MOE Tier 3 programme is introduced in the RIE 2015, with investment of total S$225 million for 2011-2015. 2015 grant call will be the last grant call in the RIE 2015 plan, before further announcement from MOE for 2016-2020. 

The number of submissions is restricted on a university basis.  The prestige, the quantum and the standard set by the ARC puts this grant type second only to the Research Centres of Excellence (RCE).  

RSO will be holding the Discussion Forum on 7 August 2014 (Thur), 2-4pm, at LT8. Kindly register here. Further details of the forum will be furnished on later date.

Interested applicant, please indicate your interest using stipulated template from now till 22 Aug 2014, 5pm

Please contact Anna for any enquiries through or