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​​A*STAR Pico-IoT for a Smart Nation Programme Grant Call

Published on : 10-Apr-2017

We are pleased to inform that A*STAR has formally launched the Pico-IoT for a Smart Nation Programme grant call after their Proposers' Day Meeting on 4 April 2017.



Current IoT sensors are limited by both their size and power.  Because millions of IoT sensors are needed for improving efficiencies and providing increased safety in urban areas and structures, simultaneous attention to size, power, and cost of ownership will be important considerations for ubiquitous sensing and monitoring multiple variables at multiple collection pointys. In particular, the cost to access and change batteries has become a key challenge in both urban and remote environments.

A*STAR is interested in establishing a thematic 3-5 year research programme under the RIE2020 Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Domain, Health and Biomedical Sciences or other funding mechanism to solve of the challenge of simultaneously realizing IoT sensors with both very low power and small size as required for a massively interconnected network continuously collecting both physical and chemical signatures in a dense urban or smart city environment.



The programme aims to address the five hard problems that hold back Pico-IoT for a Smart Nation:

1)      Ultra-Lower Power Event-Driven Sensors

2)      Energy Extraction from Ambient Sources

3)      Low-Power Signal Processing

4)      Low-Power Communication linkages

5)      Systems Integration, Extreme Miniaturization, Heterogeneous Integration

New scientific and engineering approaches leading to the eventual realization of autonomous remote networked sensors such as those required by the IoT and the future infrastructure of a large urban metropolis are requested. Full engineering prototype solutions are not required however multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional teaming approaches are strongly encouraged where appropriate.


Application Process

· Interested applicants are invited to submit a 9-11 pages Letters-of-Intent using ppt presentation format.   

The Letters-of-Intent is required to include:

1) Title slide with name(s), affiliation, and contact info

2) Background description of the state-of-the-art

3) Statement and description of the problem to be solved

4) Key technical approach to be undertaken (1-2 slides); be sure to describe your new insight and thinking that others may have missed

5) Major challenges your technical approach will address; identify why this is a challenging research project with unknowns and why it is hard

6) Organization's capabilities and PI qualifications; a concise summary of relevant past research accomplishment (optional)

7) Summary with technical endpoint or final quantitatively measured goal identified including your proof-of-concept, platform demonstration, or prototype deliverable.

8) How will you quantitatively measure success of the research to be carried out.

9) Anything else you want to add; do not specify cost or usual KPIs

· The Letters-of-Intent will be vetted by local and/or international experts and selected Letters-of-Intent will be presented at a Pico-IoT Scientific Workshop, tentatively to be held on 18-19 May 2017 in Singapore.

· International experts at the workshop will help the applicants to further refine their ideas and fit them together to form a holistic grant programme.

· The applicants will then be given 3-4 months to develop their Letter-of-Intent to a full proposal.

· If the full proposal is approved by the Technical Review and Strategic Review Panels, funding for this programme will be awarded.


Submission of Letters-of-Intent

· All applications must be endorsed by D-RSO prior to submission.

· Please send completed Letters-of-Intent to RSO (Attn: Yao Wei ) through respective School Administrators for D-RSO's endorsement by 3 May 2017 (Wednesday).

· The endorsement letter will be returned to each host department for applicants' direct submission to A*STAR at by 3:00 pm 8 May 2017 (Monday).​​​

Please refer to the attached Pico-IoT Proposers' Day slides presented on 4 April 2017 for more details. Further enquiries can be directed to RSO-ASTAR queries <>.