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New research grant opportunity> Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) Programmatic Funds​

Published on : 04-Oct-2016

We are pleased to share with you that the Programmatic Funds scheme in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) Domain is open for application.

Please see key information regarding this scheme below: 

 Details AME Programmatic Funds


  • Supports development of new and emerging capabilities far ahead of industry's readiness to deploy them for commercial purposes and typically not prior to a 8-10 year timeframe.
  • Funds projects aligned with AME domain strategic objectives and have ability to deliver RIE2020 outcomes.
  • Aimed at developing new and emerging capabilities relevant to existing industrial sectors or seed new growth sectors through first building scientific peaks of excellence
      • May not have immediate industry application nor identifiable receptacles in Singapore
      • Typically driven by a multidisciplinary team comprising public sector research performers from across the local research ecosystem


More information here: 

Grant agencies

Governance of AME Programmatic Funds

Strategic Review Panel (SPR)

· makes recommendations on all Programmatic Funds policies and initiatives

· comprises representatives form A*STAR, NUS, NTU and SUTD

Implementation Agency

A*STAR  has been appointed as the Implementing Agency to

  • evaluation and scoping of proposals together with research performers
  • management of budget (e.g. fund disbursement, monitoring overall fund commitment and utilization)
  • tracking progress of approved proposals 
Eligibility criteria
  • Open to all public research performers in Singapore.
  • Lead PI and Co-PI(s) must be Principal Investigators at a Singapore publicly-funded research institution, who:
      1. Hold at least a 0.7FTE primary appointment in a Singapore publicly-funded institution;
      2. Run a laboratory or research programme that carries out research in  Singapore; and
      3. Have a track record of leadership ability in coordinating research programmes, as well as having productive research outcomes.
Assessment criteria


  • Does it align with AME themes and strategies?
  • Does it have the potential to develop new and emerging technological capabilities to support the continued growth and competitiveness of our manufacturing and engineering sectors?



  • Is it novel and innovative?
  • Does it exploit Singapore's unique and existing strengths?
  • Are there compelling?


  • Does it have the potential to lead to value creation and value capture in Singapore in the longer term, beyond 5 years?
  • Will it attract a new industry sector and/or grow existing industry activities?
  • Will it lead to the creation of new jobs and other societal outcomes?



  • Does it integrate synergistic strengths and capabilities across various Singapore publicly funded research or tertiary institutions?
  • Does the Programme Director have the track record and competency to lead the project?

· There is no submission deadline

· Proposals can be submitted throughout the year

Internal process


Institution endorsement for applications

· All application must seek endorsement from D-RSO prior to submission

· Please send completed proposal to RSO (rso‐ through respective School Administrators for D-RSO's endorsement



Interested applicants are requested to be familiar with the requirements of the AME Programmatic Funds. 

Queries can be sent to rso‐ or respective School Administrators.