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WSHI 2014 Request for Proposal and Invitation to Compulsory Briefing Session

Published on : 14-Mar-2014


The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Institute was set up through the partnership of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the WSH Council to ensure that WSH improvements are sustained. The WSH Institute’s work would involve conducting high industry impact research, developing and enhancing WSH capabilities of WSH professionals and business leaders and being a valuable knowledge resource for the stakeholders.

The WSH Institute has opened a Request for Proposal (RFP), call for WSH research projects that have primary direct research-to-practice or research-to-policy outcomes in the following areas only, where primary direct means that the final outcomes of the research can readily be used by the industry or policymakers without any or much changes needed:

Theme 1: Research on Business and Organisational Aspects of WSH

Theme 2: Research on WSH Risks and Solutions

All interested researchers are invited to a compulsory briefing session on 18 Mar 2014.

Date:    18th Mar 2014, Tuesday

Time:    0900hrs

Venue:  WSH Institute, MOM Services Centre, 1500 Bendemeer Road, #04-01, Tripartism Room 

Interested proposers, please indicate your attendance by emailing the following information to Mr. Cheng Yue Pan ( by 17th Mar 2014, 1200hrs

·          Name and designation:

Are you representing yourself and/or for someone who is unable to attend the briefing? (If you are representing someone else, please list down their respective names):

·          Name of IHL:

·          Department/Faculty/School:  


bizSAFE Certification

All applicants are required to attain bizSAFTE certification in order to be considered for funding. NTU is bizSAFE certificated. In order to utilise the certification, we will need to arrange a compulsory briefing session for all applicants to meet NTU Chief Health & Safety Officer, Dr Lee Kien Wah. Please register with your respective school administrator by 28 Mar 2014. The compulsory briefing will only be waived if you are from MAE or have met Dr Lee at the briefing for previous WSHI RFPs.


Administrative checking is done at the Schools.  Applicants are requested to contact their respective School Administrators regarding their Schools’ timeline.

Softcopy of the followings are to be sent to RSO by 9 May 2014 noon through your respective school administrators:

a.   A proposed schedule of itemised estimated costs as stated in Part 2, Section B of the attached RFP Document 2014 Final.pdf by using Annex A Price Schedule.xlsx

b.   A comprehensive proposal using the attached form in RFP Document 2014 Final.pdf Part 2, Section C. 

c.   Any supporting documents, if any.

Queries can be directed to Xiaomeng (email: