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Tier 1 Grant Call Y2014 Complexity Seed Funding

Published on : 20-May-2014


The Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier 1 (Seed Funding) Grant Call 2014 on “Complexity” is now open and will close on 15th September 2014.

AcRF Tier 1 (Seed Funding) on “Complexity” grant call is applicable for research proposals of project values ≥ $50,000 and ≤ $300,000, over 3 years.

PIs may make budgetary justifications for items such as: equipment, consumables and conference travel in the research proposals.  Indirect costs are not applicable.

Under the budget section, please refer to the list of fundable and non-fundable items under AcRF Tier 1 research projects and is for the Schools’ compliance.

Referees - Both the PI and the school management are requested to provide sources of referees, for proposals requesting $100,000 and above.



a.     Each PI is allowed to submit only one application.

b.     Full Time Faculty Members of NTU as at 15th September 2014 are eligible to apply.

c.     Visiting Professors, Adjunct Professors and research staff are not eligible to apply.

d.     Applications from full time faculty who already have an ongoing Tier-1 project are welcomed.



  a.     Please submit your proposal in PDF format via your School.

b.     Proposals submitted must be supported by the School (Chairs of Schools and HOD (if applicable)).

c.     All proposals must be endorsed by 15th September 2014.


Queries may be directed to the Complexity Institute at

Application form, funding guidelines and other details can be found in: