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MINDEF-NTU Joint Applied R&D Co-operation Programme (JPP) - Call for Proposals for February 2014

Published on : 10-Feb-2014


MINDEF-NTU JPP Feb 2014 Grant Call will open on 17 February 2014.


The MINDEF-NTU Joint Applied R&D Cooperation Programme was formally established in the 1980's. This Programme brings together researchers in NTU and defence engineers and scientists in MINDEF/DSTA/DSO to conduct small-scale research projects to enhance the defence capability of our nation.


Please visit the website below for an overview on the scheme. 



Call for Proposal

17 February 2014

Deadline for Submission of Proposals

16 March 2014

Applicants informed of outcome

End June 2014

 (Solicitations for JPP proposals will be announced twice yearly, typically in Jan/Feb or Jul/Aug.)


The Programme consists of a Joint Fund from which the cost of an approved project will be paid. The usage of the Joint Fund is limited to a maximum of $80,000 per project. To qualify for the Programme, projects must have technical and scientific merit; and must have relevance to MINDEF and NTU.


The duration of the project should typically not exceed 18 months.


Prior to any proposal submission, applicants are encouraged to approach relevant technical FSTD Point of Contact (POC) to affirm the POC's interest in the ideas and discuss the proposals with the POC. The list of FSTD POC and their technology research areas of interest are available here.


Applications will be evaluated by relevant NTU/DSTA/FSTD experts. The evaluations will be submitted to the NTU and MINDEF Approving Authorities who will decide on the selected list based on their merits and the funds available. The Approving Authorities’ decisions are final and no appeal will be entertained.


Applicants are required to submit a softcopy and hardcopy of their proposal to RSO (attn: Ms Keg Peisi, email: by 14 March 2014, Friday through your School Administrator. Applicants are requested to contact your respective School Administrators for information regarding your Schools’ internal deadline.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.


RSO will compile the list of proposals & forward to FSTD MINDEF.


Queries may be directed to: