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MOE Academies Fund Request for Proposals

Published on : 30-May-2014


The Office of Education Research (OER) is now calling for the 12th Request for Proposals, whereby interested researchers may apply for the MOE Academies Fund (MAF).

About MOE Academies Fund (MAF)

The MAF is a component of the third tranche of the Educational Research Funding Programme (ERFP) in FY2013–2017. The MAF is set up to fund development and research projects that will contribute to the enhancement of pedagogical practices or the professional development of teachers, and provide opportunities for the Academies to focus on identifying key pedagogical and professional development approaches for researchers to test, evaluate and propose areas of improvements.

About MAF Projects

Projects funded by the MAF must generate findings that can enhance teacher expertise and professionalism in key subject domains and they can be either development- or research-type projects.

In contrast to research-type projects that focus on the creation of new knowledge or building of new theories, development-type projects aim to implement tested ideas or create implementable products, processes or frameworks to improve teaching and learning. Development-type projects are therefore more likely to be directly beneficial to MOE Academies, given their practice orientation. 

Submission Details

A.      Expressions of Interest

1.     Applicants interested in applying for MAF are to indicate their expression of interest, no later than 16 June 2014, by sending an email to

2.     Please include your name, tentative title of the project, category of project (i.e. research or development), keywords (maximum 5) and a brief description of what your project is about. This is for the purpose of assigning a Research Support Manager (RSM) to help with budgetary matters and to help identify potential reviewers for your research proposal.

B.      Application Form

1.     The relevant forms and guides are attached and can also be found at the MAF website (

2.     If PI is from the Institute of Higher Learning (IHLs), we advise that he include an MOE Academies’ staff as co-PI or collaborator. This would help the PI to obtain support for the project through the Academies.

C.      Submission Timeline

1.     Applicants who are interested in applying for the MAF must submit a softcopy of the completed form together with all supporting documents to by 18 July 2014.

2.     To complete the process, a signed hardcopy of the form together with the supporting documents must be submitted, no later than 21 July 2014, to:

OER Grant Management Unit

Office of Education Research

NIE 5-03-01A

1 Nanyang Walk

Singapore 637616


For any enquiries, you may contact Ms. Wah Shih Fen at 6219 6229 or send an email to