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Energy Innovation Research Programme RFP 07

Published on : 21-May-2014


The Energy Innovation Programme Office (EIPO) has launched their 7th Request for Proposal (RFP).  The grant will be open from 20 May 2014 to 7 Jul 2014 (23:59).  Please see below for more details: 




Scope of grant call:



·          Domain A: Innovations to achieve cost reductions in crystalline-silicon solar wafer, cells and modules

·          Domain B: Innovations in managing intermittency of solar energy 

Link to website 

Maximum project period

3 years

EIPO’s evaluation criteria and weightage

·         High-technical-merit research and innovation that is novel, internationally competitive and can lead to breakthrough results (35%)

·         Economic benefits to Singapore in terms of capabilities and manpower development as well as commercialisation spin-offs (35%) and

·         Excellent execution by an experienced research team with a good track record and whose members have the relevant and complementary expertise (30%) 

·        In addition, proposals that demonstrate strong resource commitment by industry partners (e.g. cash co-funding) would be assessed favourably. This should be indicated clearly in submitted proposals.

Application process

·          Stage 1: White Paper (5-pages maximum in 12-point font) and

·          Stage 2 (if short listed): Full Proposal (upon invitation by EIPO) 

Other information

·         Powerpoint slide summary (maximum 1 slide) of White Paper to be submitted with the White Paper via RITA

·         Only proposals submitted to RITA and endorsed by NTU endorsement authority by EIPO’s deadline will be reviewed by EIPO

·         First-time users of RITA may sign up for a RITA account here

·         RITA user-guide is available here


Interested applicants are requested to prepare their proposals in accordance to EIPO’s guidelines.  For submission of research proposals, PIs are requested to take note of the following:

a.     Administrative checking is done by applicants and respective School Administrators.  A checklist will be disseminated to your School Administrators for this purpose.  Interested applicants are requested to check with their School Administrators regarding their Schools’ internal deadlines for administrative checks. 

b.     Internal deadlines:

·    Indicative interest (to be submitted through School Administrators) to RSO no later than 6 Jun 2014 noon;

·    Summary table and signed checklists (to be submitted through School Administrators) to RSO no later than 23 Jun 2014 noon;

c.     To avoid any unforeseen technical errors, all applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their proposals online by 2 July 2014 noon for endorsement by the appointed institution authority and

d.     EOM guidelines for applicants’ compliance.

Queries can be sent to or respective School Administrators.