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CDPHRG: MOH Commissioned Studies - Mar 2014

Published on : 07-Jul-2014


The Ministry of Health (MOH) Communicable Diseases – Public Health Research Grant (CD-PHRG) – MOH Commissioned Studies (MOH-CS) is now open. For Mar 2014 MOH-CS, MOH has identified one research topic Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO) and Hospital-Acquired Infection (HAI) as detailed in Annex B - MOH-CS Mar 2014 research question.

The MOH-CS is a separate grant from the annual thematic grant under the CD-PHRG and invites researchers to submit research proposals to meet MOH’s call for commissioned studies. Grants are awarded based on scientific merit and reasonableness of budget proposed.

Funding details

Maximum funded                        : $1m (inclusive of 20 % indirect costs, max direct cost $833,333.33)

Maximum funding duration          : 3 years

Website                                     : CD-PHRG website             

Application process 

1.     Investigators to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) based on the research question defined by MOH

2.     Shortlisting of proposals by MOH

3.     Selected investigator(s) will be informed by MOH to submit a full research proposal

4.     All LOIs and full research proposals will be reviewed by the CD-PHRG Stakeholders Committee (CD-PHRG SC)

5.     Grant will be awarded to the proposal that is able to address MOH’s specific research question at the most reasonable cost

Deadlines of submission to RSO through respective Schools’ research administrators by 27 March 2014, 5pm.

·          Softcopy in a single WORD document

·          Hardcopy with PI’s original signature

Please direct any further enquires to Dr Ong Tan Ching at or tel: 6790 5637.