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2014 Call for Air Traffic Management Research Project Proposals

Published on : 02-Apr-2014


The Air Traffic Management Research Institute (ATMRI), a research institute jointly established by NTU and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), is pleased to announce that the call for research project proposals for 2014/15 is now open for application. 


For this call, ATMRI seeks proposals in these five areas of research:

a.     Impact of weather and environment on ATM;

b.     Human factors and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) engineering decision support tools including 3-D situation display and enhancements;

c.     Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) R&D including virtual ATFM center concept;

d.     Dynamic airspace management

e.     Advanced ATM procedures (Area navigation (RNAV) / Required navigation performance (RNP) / Performance Based Navigation (PBN)) development and validation.


The Principal Investigator of the research project must be an NTU faculty. Non-NTU researchers can participate as Co-Investigators.  The Principal Investigator is encouraged to seek collaborators to enhance the quality/strength of the project.  For collaborators they can participate in the grant call by providing background technology or in-kind and/or cash contributions in terms of manpower or time, and share in the proceeds if project is successful. However, collaborators will not receive any funding.

Each proposal will be reviewed by an ATMRI Selection Panel.

Funding Categories

Each project will be funded according to the following categories:

Grant Type

Max. Quantum Per Proposal


Less than S$0.25 Million


S$0.25 Million to S$0.5 Million


More than S$0.5 Million


Project selection would be based on innovative merits, competition in line with the ATMRI’s strategic vision and objectives to maximise the air traffic management potential in Singapore, and for the region. Proposals will be reviewed by an ATMRI Project Selection Panel with inputs from external reviewers. You are required to submit the details of three reviewers with relevant expertise in your research area together with your proposal.

Successful applicants are expected to be informed of the outcome in late June 2014.


Please submit your proposal via your School Administrator along with details of three nominated proposal reviewers to Mr Kuok Zhi Qiang by 15 May 2014, Thursday (2pm).

Softcopy: Please send in PDF format with signatures and address to

Hardcopy: Proposals with signatures to Mr Kuok Zhi Qiang, ATMRI.

School administrators and PIs should perform the administration checks before submission.

Incomplete submissions or submissions that fail to obtain all endorsements by the proposal call deadline will not be entertained.

Further queries may be forwarded through respective school administrators to