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Singapore - South Korea (A*STAR_KHIDI) Joint Grant Call

Published on : 23-May-2014


Singapore and South Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Dec 2013 to promote talent exchange and development, and facilitate the commercialisation of joint projects. As part of the collaboration, the A*STAR-KHIDI Joint Research Fund of US$5 million has been established.

In this joint call, fund from KHIDI would be used to fund Korean SMEs looking to Singapore to address their technology gaps; fund from Singapore will support local research performers in the collaboration.

Applications for the Joint Grant are restricted to Korean companies in the following industries:

1.     Medical Technology

2.     Pharmaceutical

3.     Biologics

4.     Personal Care

5.     Food and Nutrition


Deliverables of the project below:

1.     Korean companies to be funded should develop proposals with a view of setting up their business in Singapore within 3 years of grant.

2.     Proposals developed should work towards filing their products in Singapore and launch out to the region.


Eligibility Criteria:

1.     There must be a ROK counterpart, screened and approved by KHIDI

2.     There must be at least 1 Singapore public research performer (not pertaining to A*STAR) involved in the project. Allied health members from Singapore public hospitals are eligible for the grant as well.


Funding Quantum:

1.     Each project could be entitled a funding quantum up to USD$300K up to 3 years. The disbursement of fund per year is subjected to approval only if project milestones are met.

2.     The fund from KHIDI will support activities from ROK counterparts; fund from Singapore will support public research performers based locally.


Please refer to the links to the white papers of the shortlisted Korean companies below: (under Click Here) 





Title (White-paper)

White Paper


Medical Devices



Ahn, Joon-Young

Market Development Strategy for GenesWell™ DX BCT in Southeast Asia

Click Here



Park, Jae-hyung

Pre-clinical Evaluation of the Renal Denervation System for Resistant Hypertension

Click Here


Charm Engineering Co., Ltd

Kim, Kwang-moo

Development of a Diagnosis System for Depth of Anesthesia and Pain Monitoring System

Click Here


GEMSS Co., Ltd

Lee, Tae-bum

Development of Imaging Equipment for Ophthalmology Disease Screening

Click Here


Cellumed Co., Ltd

Lee, Seong-baek

Development of Bovine Originated Xenograft with Collagen Incorporated Porous Structure

Click Here



Kim, Hyung-gu

Development of Micronized Acellular Dermal Filler which is Enhanced in Bio-Compatibility and Duration by Special Cross-Linking with Hyaluronic Acid

Click Here



BMI Inc.

Chang, Chan-il

Therapeutics Development for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis using BMT 101 - A Pre-validated Oligonucleotide Drug Inhibitor

Click Here



1.      Softcopy submission

a.      Word document (without signatures)

b.      Scanned hardcopy (complete with both sides’ signatories) in PDF

2.      Hardcopy submission

All application forms should reach RSO at by 27 June 2014, 5pm to obtain the appropriate endorsements from Director, RSO. Queries can be directed to or

Click here for more information of the grant call.