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Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA)


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Have you got what it takes?


In NTU, URECA is the acronym for Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus, a university-wide programme to cultivate a research culture among the outstanding undergraduates. Though young by international standards, it is a unique opportunity for NTU undergraduates to experience research first-hand the mentorship of faculty and immerse themselves in a vibrant research culture touch for a 11-month period (August to June). 

The opportunity to undertake URECA is by invitation only to the most academically able second and third year undergraduates.  Top performance students of Distinction or Merit with good achievement throughout the URECA Programme will be awarded the URECA certificate with the title of “NTU President Research Scholar” upon successfully completed the URECA Programme.


URECA is an undergraduate research general elective to provide outstanding undergraduates an opportunity to pursue independent research under the supervision of a professor


By the end of URECA, URECA students will gain a good appreciation of the rigour and open-endedness of research, as well as the formulation of research problems.  It is desired that, upon graduation, these students will seriously consider pursuing a higher degree by research and thereafter, choose research as a career.

For more information, please visit URECA’s homepage.