3-D printing of organs to be possible at NTU in near future

Published on : 31-Aug-2013


Singaporean engineer Chua Chee Kai dreams of the day where you can walk into a shop on V-day and print a chocolate rose on the spot. What if you needed a cornea, a bladder or heart tissue? Prof Chua will be able to print all this out too by the end of the year, when his new million dollar 3-D bioprinter arrives at his new $30 million centre at NTU. The centre is funded by EDB and will officially open in May next year. Prof Chua, 53, chairs NTU’s MAE and has distinguished himself globally in this field of building things up layer by layer, called 3D printing. His biggest idea to date has been to crack the computer formulae needed to direct a 3D printer to make tissue scaffolds.

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