NTU Policy Guide

Guidelines for Projects and Grants

Grants Guidelines

  1. Research Grants Handbook
  2. Forms and Documents

Ethics Guidelines

  1. Guidelines on the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes
  2. Animals and Birds Act
  3. Ethical principles of the Declaration of Helsinki
  4. NMEC (National Medical Ethics Committee) - MOH (Ministry of Health) Ethical Guidelines on Research involving Human Subjects (1997)
  5. MOH Operational Guidelines for Institutional Review Boards (2007)
  6. MOH Governance Framework for Human Biomedical Research (2007)
  7. MOH Code of Ethical Practice in Human Biomedical Research (2009)
  8. HSA (Health Sciences Authority) – MOH (Ministry of Health) Singapore Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice
  9. HSA Health Product Regulation
  10. The Singapore Medical (Therapy, Education and Research) Act (Cap. 175)
  11. Bioethics Advisory Committee

Laboratory Safety and Security
Although accidents are a rare occurrence in a lab, the lab’s safety guidelines should be adhered to as close as possible. Links to each school’s safety website are provided, but the general rules are:

  1. Familiarise yourself with your lab and where the emergency facilities are. Know how to use them
  2. Attend any safety orientation and know the procedure for emergency scenarios. Know who to call
  3. Wear personal rotection suitable for the lab you are in/ the experiment you are conducting
  4. Follow your lab’s material handling, safe experiment and machine operating procedures
  5. Follow the proper waste disposal procedure
  6. Familiarise yourself with important first-aid techniques

Safety guidelines

  1. SCBE safety guidelines
  2. SBS safety guidelines
  3. EEE safety guidelines
  4. MSE safety guidelines
  5. MAE safety guidelines