Nanyang Award for Research Excellence

Professor Hong Ying-Yi (NBS)


Nanyang Awards for Research Excellence 2013


Professor Hong Ying-Yi is an expert in the psychology of culture, cognition, and identity. Her research foci have spanned from micro-level, such as neural activities, to macro-level, such as intergroup relations. Prof Hong’s major research achievement is the formulation of the ‘dynamic constructivist’ theory of culture, which has revolutionized the way cultural psychologists study cultural influences on thoughts, feelings and actions, and has inspires new research directions in the field. For examples, this new framework has been applied to study cultural influences in neural activities. In addition, Prof Hong has examined he psychological underpinnings of important social events that happened in Hong Kong (1997 Hong Kong political transition), the United States (2005 Hurricane Katrina at New Orleans), China (2008 Beijing Olympic Games), and Japan (2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami). Her work has won the prestigious Otto Klineberg Intercultural and International Relations Award, among many other awards. Prof Hong has recently ventured into the emergent field of Cultural Neuroscience and Genetics. Her research on Gene x Environment interaction and epigenetic changes as a function of cultural experiences is generously funded by competitive external grants. Prof Hong has an outstanding publication record – she has authored or edited about a dozen of books and published over 100 journal articles and chapters; her publications have received over 7000 Google Scholar citations, with H-index of 42, and have been widely cited in the fields of psychology, business and education.