Nanyang Award for Research Excellence

Nanyang Assistant Professor Xiong Qihua (EEE & SPMS)


Nanyang Awards for Research Excellence 2013


Nanyang Assistant Professor Xiong Qihua's research is driven by the paradigm of “bottom-up” nanoscience and nanotechnology. His work covers rational synthesis of functional semiconductor nanomaterials, systematic investigation on their physical properties at quantum size regime and practical applications in nano-electronics, nano-photonics, and nano-biotechnology. Asst Prof Xiong and his group are notable for their recent achievement in realizing Van der Waals epitaxy growth of non-planar semiconductor nanostructures, as well as demonstrating flexible metamaterials that resonate at visible length as an excellent photonic device for strain, chemical and biological sensors. In addition, Asst Prof Xiong’s recent venture in the field of laser cooling of solids has led to the discovery of a new semi-conductor material, in which his group has demonstrated a laser cooling of 40 Kelvin from room temperature This discovery was prominently featured in Nature as a cover story on 24 Jan 2013, and was acclaimed as the ‘most exciting and surprising new discoveries in laser cooling’. Asst Prof Xiong has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles, with a total citation of more than 1700, and a H-Index of 25. He is the holder of seven patents or invention disclosures.