Nanyang Award for Research Excellence

Prof S Viswanathan (NBS)

Nanyang Awards for Research Excellence 2010

Professor Viswanathan is a renowned researcher in Inventory and Supply Chain Management. He has made significant research contributions in the areas of Joint Replenishment Inventory Systems, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Coordination, Cellular Manufacturing, Economic Lot Scheduling Problem, and Forecasting. Specifically he has proposed new classes of Policies as well as improved lower bounds, which will help generate better quality solutions for the Joint Replenishment Inventory Problem, a practical problem that arises in the planning of transportation and inventory decisions in logistics and supply chain operations of most companies.

Dr Viswanathan has over 80 research papers published or presented in leading journals (i.e. Management Science, Operations Research, Naval Research Logistics, IIE Transactions, International Journal of Production Research, etc) and conferences. His publications have garnered over 1350 citations, and has an H-index of 16, which is an impressive number for the Operations Management area.

He has also been very active as a referee and editorial board member/Associate Editor for many leading journals including Production and Operations Management Journal, International Journal of Production Research, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering and several other journals.

In recent years, Dr. Viswanathan has obtained grants totaling over $1,000,000, as PI and co-PI from A-STAR and MoE Tier-1 grants. He has made several appearances in Who’s who in the World, Who’s Who in Asia, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry and Who’s Who in Science and Engineering lists.