Nanyang Award for Research Excellence

Prof Chiu Chi-Yue (NBS)

Nanyang Awards for Research Excellence 2012

Prof Chiu created several new fields of investigation in basic and applied behavioral sciences, including multiculturalism and creativity, and the psychological science of globalization. His earlier research on implicit theories of human attributes has been applied to explain behaviours in many research areas, including social perception, moral judgment and group processes. The applied implications of his work have been extensively exploited in education, management, marketing, legal studies, arts and sports and international relations. Another major research achievement is his formulation of the dynamic constructivist theory of culture through innovative integration of social cognition and cultural psychology. This approach has revolutionised the way cultural psychologists understand the nature of culture and inspired researchers to conduct rigorous experimental  studies of cultural influence. Prof Chiu, with an H-Index of 45, has published 9 books and over 200 journal articles and chapters. His publications have gathered over 8000 Google Scholar citations. His research ambition is to create a new integrative science of culture that examines the co-constitution of the society, culture, the self, and the brain in contemporary, globalized societies.