Nanyang Award for Research Excellence

Nanyang Associate Professor Hilmi Demir Volkan (EEE & SPMS)


Nanyang Awards for Research Excellence 2013


Nanyang Associate Professor Hilmi Demir Volkan has made important scientific contributions in the areas of energy-saving LED lighting and displays including quality semiconductor lighting, the study of color science of nanocrystal emitters, the understanding of their excitonic energy transfer processes and their utilization in LED lighting. One important scientific breakthrough achieved by Assoc Prof Demir’s research is the demonstration of a record high photometric performance ever reported for LEDs. This work was reviewed in Nano Today, and was highlighted in a letter in Nature Photonics. Over the years, Assoc Prof Demir has secured a total of more than 20 million USD in research funding, and has earned several prestigious fellowships, such as the Singapore NRF Fellowship and the European Science Foundation EURYI Awards. His works has led to more than 150 top-tier SCI journals publications and more than 30 granted or pending patents, many of which are currently being used or owned and have been licensed by the industry. He is serving as an editor of SPRINGER Brief Series of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and of Optical Society of America Optics Express. He has been twice highlighted in Nature as an example of successful international scientist in Singapore. As the Founding Director of Luminous! Center of Excellence for Semiconductor Lighting and Displays, Assoc Prof Demir, together with his team and colleagues, has made significant contributions to NTU’s research excellence in its “Sustainable Earth” initiative. He is currently a Nanyang Associate Professor and a Singapore NRF Fellow, with a joint appointment between the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and the School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences.