Nanyang Award for Research Excellence

Asst Prof Lou Xiong Wen, David (SCBE)

Nanyang Awards for Research Excellence 2012

Asst Prof Lou developed several electrode materials which have excellent potential for commercial use in high-performance supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries which he holds several patents. Expanding on his research triumphs, Asst Prof Lou’s current academic investigation is focused on design and synthesis of novel nanostructured materials for different energy and environmental applications. Asst Prof Lou’s research discoveries are published in high impact journals such as the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, and Advanced Materials. In 2012, Asst Prof Lou published 22 papers with an impact factor of more than 9.5, the highest impact number by a single faculty in NTU. His research is extremely well regarded. According to the Institute for Scientific Information Web of Science, Asst Prof Lou’s papers have been cited over 4,800 times with a Hirsch Index of 36. Asst Prof Lou is currently one Associate Editor for Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Asst Prof Lou is also recognized for his research. Last year, he received two important awards - the Technology Review35@Singapore award, supported by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Young Scientist Award, supported by the Singapore National Academy of Science.