NRF Research Fellows

National Research Foundation (NRF) Research Fellows

Launched in 2007, the globally competitive NRF Fellowship scheme was designed to attract outstanding young scientists from across the globe to conduct cutting-edge research in Singapore. It is comparable to the European Young Investigator Awards scheme in intent and prestige and offers a high-profile incentive to the successful candidates. Since its inception, NTU has welcomed more NRF fellows than any other institutions in Singapore. They were selected from a wide pool of exceptional graduates from top international universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Caltech and Tokyo University.

To date, total number of NRF research fellows at NTU is 31 awardees. The NRF fellows were drawn to NTU by its high caliber faculty, commitment and investment in research infrastructure, as well as its open and flexible academic approach. Through the scheme, each NRF fellow will receive a start-up grant of up to S$3 million over 5 years and are poised to become leading researchers in their fields. 

NRF Fellows 2008

Christos Panagopoulos

Eugene V. Makeyev

Zhou Jianrong


NRF Fellows 2009

Chen Xiaodong

Edith Elkind

Frederique Elise Oggier

Hilmi Volkan Demir

Robin Chi Yonggui

Xiong Qihua

Naohiko Yoshikai


NRF Fellows 2010

Adam Switzer

Zhao Yanli

Yu Ting

Gao Yonggui


NRF Fellows 2011

Cho Nam-joon

Ali Miserez 

Emma Hill

Wang Xianfeng

Kimberly Kline


NRF Fellows 2012

Ling Xing Yi

Thomas Peyrin

Chong Yidong

Nathalie Goodkin Emami


NRF Fellows 2013

Mikinori Kuwata

Karen Crasta

Judith Hubbard

Zheng Liu

Lan Shau-Yu

Sylvain Barbot

Troy Lee