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Nanyang Assistant Professors

Nanyang Assistant Professors

Nanyang Assistant Professors

Following the NRF Fellowship scheme, NTU also has its own premier scheme, the elite Nanyang Assistant Professorship (NAP), launched in 2007 to attract exceptional young academics throughout the world to work at NTU, further strengthening NTU’s commitment to research excellence. Not only do the NAP recipients receive start-up grants of up to S$1 million, they also have the chance to help lead NTU’s next wave of multidisciplinary research. The scheme is opened on an annual basis and each year, up to 10 appointments will be made.

Currently, there are 33 Nanyang Assistant Professors working at NTU. 

NAP 2008

Vyas, Ajai

Fan, Hongjin

Tan, Chuan Seng

Dumke, Rainer


NAP 2009

Soci, Cesare

Chen, Ning

Duan, Hongwei

Pumera, Martin

Wang, Qijie

Yuan, Junsong


NAP 2010

Xiao, Xiaokui

Shao, Fangwei

Wu, Hongjun


NAP 2011

Cao, Fan

Hirao, Hajime

Li, Mo

Shelykh, Ivan

Loh, Zhi Heng

Sato, Hirotaka

Kinjo, Rei


NAP 2012

Mueller-Cajar, Oliver

Liu, Linbo

Liang, Yang

Wang, Mingfeng


NAP 2013

Liu, Yang

Soo, Han Sen

Zhang, Baile

Styles, Suzy

Chou, Meng Hsuan

Chan, Juliana

Thibault, Guillaume

Luo, Dahai

Tran, Anh Tuan

Pica Ciamarra, Massimo