Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Chew Sing Yian

Associate Professor, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Phone: +65 63168812
Office: N1.2 B2 20
Assoc Prof Chew Sing Yian

Chew Sing Yian is currently in the School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, Division of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.
Research Interests
Biofunctional micro-/ nano-structured scaffolds for tissue engineering applications
Cellular responses to micro- /nano-structured scaffolds
Neural tissue engineering
Current Projects
  • Drug eluting dressings to promote diabetic wound healing
  • Enhancing axon regeneration by nanofiber-medaited microRNA delivery for spinal cord injury treatment
  • Establishing a scaffold-mediated approach for non-viral genome editing for regenerative medicine
  • Exploring New Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury by Synergising Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Gene-silencing Fibrous Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine
  • High throughput label-free flow cytometry based on multiplex Raman spectroscopy
  • New Research Initiatives in Chemical and Bioengineering Areas
  • Synthetic collagen peptide biomaterials for drug/gene delivery in nerve repair
  • The use of A Novel Wnt Inhibitor and Substrate Topography to Promote Healing in Transacted Nerve Injuries- Overcoming a Widespread and Debilitating Clinical Problem
Selected Publications
  • H Q Cao, K McHugh, S Y Chew and J M Anderson. (2010). The Topographical Effect of Electrospun Nanofibrous Scaffolds on the In Vivo and In Vitro Foreign Body Reaction. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 93A(3), 1151-1159.
  • H Q Cao, L Ting and S Y Chew. (2009). The Application of Nanofibrous Scaffolds in Neural Tissue Engineering. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 61(12), 1055-1064.
  • S Y Chew, R Mi, A Hoke, K W Leong. (2007). Aligned Protein-Polymer Composite Fibers Enhance Nerve Regeneration: A Potential Tissue-Engineering Platform. Advanced Functional Materials, 17, 1288-1296.
  • S Y Chew, R Mi, A Hoke, K W Leong. (2007). The effect of the alignment of electrospun fibrous scaffolds on Schwann cell maturation. Biomaterials, 29, 653?661.
  • S.Y. Chew, Y. Wen, Y. Dzenis and K.W. Leong. (2006). The Role of Electrospinning in the Emerging Field of Nanomedicine. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 12, 4751-4770.

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