Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Er Meng Joo


School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
College of Engineering

Phone: (+65)6790 4529
Office: S1-B1c-90

  • PhD Australian National University 1992
  • MEng National University of Singapore 1988
  • BEng(Hons) National University of Singapore 1985
Professor Er Meng Joo is currently a Full Professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He served as the Founding Director of Renaissance Engineering Programme and an elected member of the NTU Advisory Board and from 2009 to 2012. He served as a member of the NTU Senate Steering Committee from 2010 to 2012.

He has authored five books entitled “Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Networks: Architectures, Algorithms and Applications” and “Engineering Mathematics with Real-World Applications” published by McGraw Hill in 2003 and 2005 respectively, and “Theory and Novel Applications of Machine Learning” published by In-Tech in 2009, “New Trends in Technology: Control, Management, Computational Intelligence and Network Systems” and “New Trends in Technology: Devices, Computer, Communication and Industrial Systems”, both published by SCIYO, 16 book chapters and more than 400 refereed journal and conference papers in his research areas of interest.

In recognition of the significant and impactful contributions to Singapore’s development by his research project entitled “Development of Intelligent Techniques for Modelling, Controlling and Optimizing Complex Manufacturing Systems,” Professor Er won the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2011. Under his leadership, the NTU Team emerged first runner-up in the Freescale Technology Forum Design Challenge 2008. He is also the only dual winner in Singapore IES Prestigious Publication Award in Application (1996) and IES Prestigious Publication Award in Theory (2001). He received the Teacher of the Year Award for the School of EEE in 1999, School of EEE Year 2 Teaching Excellence Award in 2008 and the Most Zealous Professor of the Year Award 2009. He also received the Best Session Presentation Award at the World Congress on Computational Intelligence in 2006 and the Best Presentation Award at the International Symposium on Extreme Learning Machine 2012. On top of this, he has more than 40 awards at international and local competitions.

Currently, Professor Er serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications, an Area Editor of International Journal of Intelligent Systems Science, an Associate Editor of eleven refereed international journals, namely IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy Systems, International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, Neurocomputing, International Journal of Humanoid Robots, Journal of Robotics, International Journal of Mathematical Control Science and Applications, International Journal of Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing, International Journal of Fuzzy and Uncertain Systems, International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology, International Journal of Modelling, Simulation and Scientific Computing, International Journal of Intelligent Information Processing and an editorial board member of the EE Times. Furthermore, he served as a Guest Editor of International Journal of Neural Systems in 2009.

Professor Er has been invited to deliver more than 60 keynote speeches and invited talks overseas. He has also been active in professional bodies. He served as Chairman of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Singapore Chapter from 2009 to 2011 and Chairman of IES Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technical Committee from 2004 to 2006 and 2008 to 2012. Under his leadership, the IEEE CIS Singapore Chapter won the CIS Outstanding Chapter Award 2012. The Singapore Chapter is the first chapter in Asia to win the award since it was inaugurated in 2006. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to professional bodies, he was bestowed the IEEE Outstanding Volunteer Award (Singapore Section) and the IES Silver Medal in 2011. Currently, he serves as an elected member of the IES Council and Chairman of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering Technical Committee, IES.
Research Interests
Professor Er Meng Joo's areas of expertise are intelligent control theory and applications, fuzzy logic and neural networks and robotics and automation. His current works focus on control theory and applications, fuzzy logic and neural networks, computational intelligence, cognitive systems, robotics and automation, sensor networks and biomedical engineering.
Research Grant
  • Academic Research Fund Tier 1 (2014-2017) [by Nanyang Technological University]
  • Academic Research Fund Tier 2 (2014-) [by MOE]
Current Projects
  • Design and Development of Human-intelligence-inspired Experiential Learning Techniques
  • Fuzzy Cellular Automata Model for Vehicle Conflicts at Signalised Road Junctions
Selected Publications
  • N. Wang, M.J. Er and W. Meng. (2009). A Fast and Accurate Online Self-organizing Scheme for Parsimonious Fuzzy Neural Networks. Neurocomputing, 72(16-18), 3818-3829.
  • M.J. Er and Y. Zhou. (2008). Automatic Generation of Fuzzy Inference Systems via Unsupervised Learning Neural Networks. Neural Networks, 21(10), 1556-1566.
  • M.J. Er, S.Q. Wu, J.W. Lu and H.L. Toh. (2002). Face Recognition Using Radial Basis Function (RBD) Neural Networks. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 13(3), 697-710.
  • S.Q. Wu, M. J. Er and Y. Gao. (2001). A Fast Approach for Automatic Generation of Fuzzy Rules by Generalized Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Networks. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, 5(4), 578-594.
  • S.Q. Wu and M.J. Er. (2000). Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Networks: A Novel Approach to Function Approximation. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part B, 30(2), 358-364.

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