Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Chong Yi Dong

Nanyang Assistant Professor (NRF)

Division of Physics & Applied Physics
School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
College of Science

Phone: (+65)63162967
Office: SPMS-PAP-04-02

  • PhD (Physics) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2008
  • BS(Math&CompSci&Phys)(Distn) Stanford University 2003
Chong Yidong graduated from Stanford University in 2003 with a BSc in Physics. In 2008, he obtained a Ph.D in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working in the research group of Prof. Marin Soljacic. From 2009-2011, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University. In 2012, he received the Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellowship and joined the faculty at Nanyang Technological University as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Physics and Applied Physics.
Research Interests
My research interests lie in the field of theoretical optics and photonics. Research topics include lasers and optical absorbers, scattering theory, nanoplasmonics, and photonic crystals. Most recently, my work on "coherent perfect absorbers" (performed at Yale) was published in Science and featured in numerous popular science reports including in the New York Times. A sample of current research topics is available on my group webpage.
Current Projects
  • Designer Random Quantum Cascade Lasers: Disordered Photonics In Mid-IR and THz
  • Nonlinear Topological Photonics
  • Quantum and Topological Nanophotonics
Selected Publications
  • Li Ge, Y. D. Chong and A. D. Stone. (2012). Conservation relations and anisotropic transmission resonances in one-dimensional PT-symmetric photonic heterostructures. Physical Review A, 85(2), 023802.
  • Li Ge, Y. D. Chong, and A. D. Stone. (2012). Steady-state Ab Initio laser theory: Generalizations and analytic results. Physical Review A, 82(6), 063824.
  • Y. D. Chong and A. D. Stone. (2011). Hidden Black: Coherent Enhancement of Absorption in Strongly Scattering Media. Physical Review Letters, 107(16), 163901.
  • Li Ge, Y. D. Chong, S. Rotter, H. E. Türeci, and A. D. Stone. (2011). Unconventional modes in lasers with spatially varying gain and loss. Physical Review A, 84(2), 023820.
  • Y. D. Chong, Li Ge, and A. D. Stone. (2011). PT-Symmetry Breaking and Laser-Absorber Modes in Optical Scattering Systems. Physical Review Letters, 106(9), 093902.

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